Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Celebration and Consolation

I've spent the last 3 days involved in 'family events'. Brian was 60 on Sunday, so there's been a bit of celebrating. (Or was it consoling!) Anyway, we had a lovely champagne lunch with 4 friends at World Service in Nottingham. He's doing well for his age, bless him.
Yesterday was a non-celebratory day...my daughter failed her second driving test and was totally distraught. Its really hard to watch your child in distress. She has a car and starts a new job soon and really needs to be able to drive.
Anyway, we tried to put things into perspective and I helped her book another test. (An expensive day!!)
I'm off now to photograph my birdhouse ATCs - its time I put some pictures on this blog!
Love Linda


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, love the ATC's as always ,love the change of letter soooooo cute!.Happy birthday to Brian and I feel so bad for your daughter I know how it feels . I'm sure she will get it next time third time lucky .When I failed I was not ready to pass! , She will be a better safer driver witch is more important than anything.love from sesga xx

sakazoke said...

Tell your daughter not to worry too much. My daughter only passed her text in march of this year on the 4th attempt. Its getting harder and harder if you ask me. But she did it. We too bought her a new car and have taxed and insured it for her.
Very expensive i must say but well worth it to see her face glowing.

Gorgeous atcs. I love the Invoke stamps. Have a set arriving tomorrow and 2 sets at the end of the month.


Linda said...

Thanks Tina and Sesga for your very kind comments - they really help.

Kaz Scrapz said...

Happy Birthday to Brian (and yes he does look like he is doing well for his age!)

Sorry to hear about your daughter - I know how you feel - it is so hard to see our children in distress but Segsa and Tina are right - she will pass when the time is right (and having you there to comfort will help no end.)
xx Karen