Monday, 28 April 2008

Art Doll

I'm trying to be more 'divergent' in my thinking.
I really liked making this art doll and I've set myself up to make lots more - there are body parts all over my work table!
I will probably do some swaps with them soon - if anyone wants one! Just give me a week to make a selection of different ones.

The stamp is from the Lost Coast Flying Flower Girls set, but I've cut it up and changed it a bit.

I'm going away for a couple of days, so I'll be back with news on Thursday morning.
See you then!
Love Linda xx


Rosie said...

Oh she's a HOOT! You're right, she is rather special :-)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh you are on a roll. She is wonderful I love everything about her and can't wait to see what else you have in store to drool over

Kaz Scrapz said...

She's fabulous Linda - I can't wait to see more :-)

Jaqi said...

Ooh how exciting, I would love a little dolly if you have one spare. I cant wait to see what other ones you are going to make. Looks like you have been very busy, Jaqi x

Chriss Rollins said...

Linda may i swap with you please she is gorgeous and i would love one of her sisters.
or will they be her daughters lol.
chriss x
have a fab few days

Anonymous said...

You have such a creative mind who else would have Created ,such an Amazing !!!!little doll .
she is brilliant I adore her .
I think you have started something new !!!
LINDI doll's?
love and hugs from sesga xx

Cookie Sunshine said...

Linda, I'm taking a bit of a break and thought that visiting you would be just the choice. I love you new dollie! I'm sending good wishes your way and will be checking email soon.

Judy Scott said...

She is adorable love how youve played with the image to make it your own ~ wonderful work ~ have a good break ~ Judy x

Dot said...

She is gorgeous Linda! I love what you are doing with these stamps.

I would be very interested in doing a swap with you!

Judy S. said...

You are making me think of Gepetto's workshop! I just got tagged by Wendy of CQ4 Newbies and am passing "it" on to you if you feel so inclined. Check my blog for details. Hope your trip was a fun one!

Jacky said...

Hi Linda,

I would love to do a swap for one of these quirky art dolls... they are fantastic. I love the Lost Coast stamp you are using too.