Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Re-working Old Pieces

I've decided to enter a few of my pieces of art into a local exhibition in February; I've never done this before so I'm not totally sure what I'm doing or whether my stuff is good enough!
I've chosen three of the paintings I did a while ago with Suzi Blu (I did two of her workshops). This one was part of the 'Piety and Passion' class (Tudor/Elizabethan influences). I spent yesterday making a few changes as I was never keen on her hair (see below).

I also changed her skin colour and dress...I'm happier with her now. I love her skinny neck and long face :-) This is a mixed media piece really, as all the embellishments are real.


Then I spent some time improving Maria's nose and lips.....
 ...I always thought she looked a bit snarly.

Finally I worked on Luana  - my alter-ego ;-) I tried to improve her nose as well, as it looked rather like an onion before.

I couldn't do anything about her over-sized eyes....but I'm happier with her now.

I'm also going to enter my Gritty Jane doll, the Stef Francis piece and one of my fabric weavings. Fingers crossed they're accepted......

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