Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fabric Russian Doll

I've just finished this for a lovely friend (who loves fabric!).

It's ATC sized and has wadding inside, so has a quilty effect that you can't appreciate from the photo.

The face is Dottee - inspired of course!

I thought a Russian word was appropriate to describe her and her recipient ........ krasivyi means beautiful.

Hope you like it!

Love Linda x


Chriss Rollins said...

oh she is 'vladivar' which means gorgeous lol

Linda said...

Ha ha - good one Chriss!
XX Cheers! Na zdorovye!

Shashi Nayagam said...

I have no idea how to say I love her in Russian so English will have to do. Linda you rock!

sharon said...

Linda she is soooo gorgeous. I love the fabric you've used for her body. Ab Fab!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Linda
she is super duper gorgeous I love her .
Mae hin cariad bach !
sorry, dont know any Russian only welsh ,It means she's a little darling.
Love from sesga xx

Rosie said...

And she's got a very cheeky smile!

Chris said...

oooh love that sweet face :) You are so clever Linda and she is lovely :)
Now I have to confess that I had to type out lovely 3 times cos it didn't look like I spelled it right...duh...ROFL

Dot said...

Oh - she is gorgeous Linda! Love the fabrics you have used. And the Dotee doll face looks so cute. Am sure your friend will love her.

Jacky said...

How gorgeous, I mean 'vladivar' (thanks Chriss for the translation).

Love these russian dolls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
next time I make a shrine I will show you how I made I will do a little tutorial.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog love from sesga xx

please could you email me your address so I can send you your 3goodies as promised.

Jaqi said...

She is wonderful Linda, I love it. You are so creative, Jaqi x