Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I'm having a crafting day all by myself ..... at last!
So finally I can get on with my torso swaps. Thanks to everyone who is joining in.... you'll be getting one (or two) of these.
This one is my favourite - I don't think I could repeat it as it started off as a random collage of different papers and kind of grew from there. I drew and cut out the little flowers and wrote Kahlo by hand. Belleza means beautiful.

More later when I can persuade blogger to put pictures where I want them!


Jaqi said...

This is fab too....see my comment on the post above. I still need to do mine, oh Im sorry! Jaqi x

Lazykay said...

THIS one is really special.


Dot said...

gorgeous Linda! Love your attention to detail.

Kaz Scrapz said...

This is so beautiful Linda. xxx Karen