Saturday, 3 May 2008


I'm back in blogging land after an eventful week!
I went to stay with my lovely friend Rosie for a few days and after that I spent some time with mum. Today we went to see dad in the hospital....very emotional, but I'm so glad I went.

This is my favourite new stamp from Invoke Arts. I love it so much I've sent off for the whole set - so look out for lots of heart themes coming up.
Even my daughter was taken with this image - she thought it would make a great tattoo! Mmmm.....I shall be watching her very closely in the coming weeks!
I've got loads of stuff to keep me dolls, swaps, houses (see Rosie's challenge), heart ATCs plus I'm making a Frida arch book (the Invoke Frida stamps have just arrived!) so watch this space!
Take good care of yourself
Linda xx


Chriss Rollins said...

oh, me loves this heart look forward to seeing lots more of them.
glad you had a lovely break at Rosies.... can just see you both together crafting, giggling and playing with paper n stamps.
I am Taking on Rosies challenge too..Its a great one.
love chriss x

Laurie & Chris said...

Love the stamp and the color!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda ,Glad you had a nice time with Rosie .
So sorry to hear about your Father in hospital ,Life can be so hard sometimes .
I love your ATC look forward to seeing more of the heart stamps they are gorgeous .
I'm glad you are back I missed you. I always check you blog first see what next amazing art you have come up with .
love from sesga xx

Jaqi said...

Hi Linda, great to have you back, glad you had a good time at rosies. This is a wonderful atc, and I cant wait to see what you are going to create next. Im taking this little bit of hope on board today and hoping I get my cupboard finished so i can return to the world of crafting. Welcome back, Jaqi x

sakazoke said...

Its gorgeous Linda. I too adore the Invoke stamps. They are so easy to use and look so very effective. I hope you share the Frida stamps with us as well.
Glad you had a great time with Rosie, and pleased you spent time with your mum.

Denise said...

Gorgeous ATC and that stamp is yummy! I do tend to agree with your daughter LOL!