Sunday, 11 May 2008

I've gone off coleslaw

You know those mandolin things that slice up the vegetables nice and thin for coleslaw - well they slice thumbs really well too!
My own stupid fault I know, I forgot to use the holder thing and took a huge chunk out of my thumb.
I've been to the hospital twice and they're having a few problems stopping it bleeding (sorry if you're squeamish!) Its got a seaweed pad on it now which apparently helps!
So, I can't use scissors..and I don't have brilliant 'picking up' skills at the moment, but I'll try and make something tomorrow to post.

On the plus side - I can't wash pots, peel potatoes, prepare food etc.
But on the minus side........ my hair desperately needs washing!

I have definitely gone off coleslaw - dont think I'll ever be making that again.
The mandolin's in the bin, anyway.
Linda xx


Denise said...

oh dear you poor bunny! but I have to laugh! Had to get my hubby to the Emergency because he nearly sliced his index finger off today fitting a new kitchen sink! 7 stitches later he did cook Mother's Day lunch (BBQ) ;)
Hugs and healing thoughts
P.S. heheh part of word verification in EOW :)

Linda said...

Thank you for the sympathy Denise! (Hope you gave DH plenty too!)

Chriss Rollins said...

Ouch.. everytime i see one of those things i get shudders running down my back...always dreading the thought of a finger ending up in the coleslaw.
I feel the pain for you Linda.
shame you cant do any crafting.
hope its thubs up for tomorrow.. soz.
I have been doing some Arches today have me inspired. ;))
Chriss x
take care

Chriss Rollins said...

'm' hee this is the bit missing from your thumb... wasnt intended just reread it and saw i had left out the M
chriss x

Denise said...

oh dear, Chriss forgets 'm' and I get my 'is' and 'in' in a muddle! and yes Linda he did get lots of sympathy! Luckily it was his left hand so he can still sign cheques for me heheheh ;)

Anonymous said...

O Linda you OUCH OUCH OUCH ! you poor thing I hope you get better soon hun .love and hugs from sesga xxx

Mandy C said...

oh no Linda! how yucky for you! you can still type though i see :-) good job you dont do decoupage! lol

hope it heals soon

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your poor little thumb. I hope it gets better soon. Even if there a few plus points I am sure it must be frustrating not being able to do simple things. Take care.

Jaqi said...

Oh Linda , I have some coleslaw in my fridge and dont have the heart to eat it now! Yuck! I hope your thumb gets better soon so you can get crafting again, Jaqi x