Thursday, 22 April 2010

Time Away........

I won't apologise for having been AWOL for the past few weeks.......I know you understand :-)

DH and I went away for a few days - more on that later - plus I've been spending some time reading, visiting friends and gardening. I'm sorry I haven't done any blog-visiting for a while ; I've spent very little time on my PC because of a problem with my neck. Anyway....following a visit to the physio earlier this week I'm feeling a little better.

A couple of weeks ago we visited my lovely friend Rosie and her DH, who looked after us extremely well. We spent a happy afternoon sitting in their garden in the sunshine, watching the blue tits in the trees around us, then Rosie and I played in her art room for a while whilst the men cooked us a fantastic dinner. Can life get any better? :-)

Over the next few days we moved on to the Malvern Hills, Great Malvern, Ironbridge and finally Wightwick Manor. This gorgeous house was furnished under the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement and has original William Morris wallpapers and Pre-Raphaelite works of art. At the top of this post you can see the digital collage I created from the photograph below. This is only the side view of the house.........the full view is further down.
23/4...thought I should explain that the face is William Morris and the quote is his most famous one: "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or beautiful".

Two more Wightwick digi-collages, with the originals below......

........and here's the whole house. More detailed photos to come in my next post.
Remember that house shaped box I showed you? Well some of you guessed correctly; it's for my father's ashes. We weren't sure where to put them and tried to think of all his favourite places. Whilst we were pondering over various possibilities Mum jokingly said 'His absolute favourite place was sitting in your conservatory Linda!' Over the next week the idea grew on me ...... and gradually people have begun to accept it.
So what's left of Dad is now in a sunny corner of our conservatory....I think he would approve :-)

And finally, I wanted to show you this rather gorgeous photo stand I bought recently; it's perfect for displaying my digi-art..........


Sandy said...

Hi Linda,

Welcome back my friend.
Your newest digtal collages are fabulous.
Amazing layers. Love your work.

Crissi Harvey said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time away Linda love the digi pieces and the little house for you dad is so lovely, i wish i could have had my dad with me like that.

Diane said...

Great post, Linda--I love the photos of this manor--beautiful place. And what a wonderful way to honor your dad!

Jacky said...

Hello lovely Linda...lovely you are back and sharing your beautiful art with us all.
How lovely to spend time with Rosie. I would love to visit Wightwick Manor as I looooove William Morris. His wallpapers, drawings, furniture are all so wonderful (and also that of his sister).
I think its lovely that your father is at rest in your conservatory. His favourite place and surrounded by family.

Jacky xox

pammyjo said...

You were missed. I like hopping over for inspiration. I'm glad you had the time away and the manor looks fabulous. :)

Lori Saul said...

It is so nice to see your beautiful art. I love the collages you made with your photos - I love to do the same. Just brilliant work Linda!

Terri said...

Welcome back. I am sorry to hear about your neck (I totally understand necks!), and I hope that you continue to improve every day.
The house is marvelous. And your altered photo is fabulous!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

While I understand perfectly you taking a break, it sure is a delight to see you post again Blue Eyed Linda!
I have the feeling your father approves very much!
Your digital art is amazing, not enough adjectives for me to express how much I adore what you're creating with your new talents!
The face is so spirit like, which surely a grand old house like that must have! and now does thanks to your digital art! Turquoise bricks sure do look scrumptious!
Love it all!
Lucky you getting to visit with Rosie, I know that must have been special!

maggi said...

Good to have you back Linda and to hear that there has been some improvement with you neck. Your digital collages are inspiring and the finished box for your father's ashes is just beautiful. A lovely way to keep him close to you.

Emma said...

Soooooo great to have you back! Physio has helped with my neck but I'm off to the cyropractor (sp!) for more, soon! What is it with all our necks?!

Love your pics - my favorite is the plant table with grinding stone. You've done your dad proud with his box, lovely.

Jackie said...

Aha! I see you haven't been around either so I don't feel so guilty.
I love the idea of your dad still sitting in your conservatory. The painted box is just beautiful. I had a friend who painted her father's coffin with all the things he loved. But of course it no longer exists.

La Dolce Vita said...

missed u!! welcome back! your box is so beautiful and uplifting to see! just a wonderful idea! and the stand is wonderful your art is smashing and deserves a great stand!! xx's

Kimmie said...

it sounds like you had a nice little getaway:)
the birdhouse turned out beautifully - and I love the sunny cheerful place you have it .... blessings!

Lynn said...

Hey, I have been gardening too and you know what else, all that house stuff. Great to see you creating again, something I havn't done in ages, your digital art is always spectacular, I just love what you did with the photos from your weekend away :)
The pretty box is lovely for your dad, I think it's a wonderful idea.
Hugs, Lynn

Rosie said...

I love what you did with the box and it's great to think of him still sitting sunning himself in the conservatory .... We had such a good time when you visited so come again soon! The digital work is brilliant as always ...

Heloise said...

More wonderful digital art. I think your Father would be so pleased with the beautiful box you have created just for him.

Jaqi said...

Hi Linda, It looks like you just had the most amazing time.
I have an aunt who lives near Ironbridge and I visited when i was younger while my parents went on holiday.
At the time she was preparing for an exhibition of her work in a local gallery , she creates the most wonderful pencil drawings, very life like. I got to help out and had a fab time.
Your photos are great , I love visiting places like this.
Im glad you had a nice visit at Rosies sounds like it was a real treat.
The box for your Dads ashes looks beautiful, and Im sure your Mum is correct when she says he would be happy to be resting there, its a wonderful idea.
I love the litte stand for your digi work, those atcs are stunning I often come back to look at them .
Thank you for sharing all these inspirational pieces , they are a delight and your work as always is beautiful. Thank you x

Mar said...

i know all about AWOL'ing
it happens
and trips happen
and pains in the necks happen
but so does your gorgeous pages!!!!
happen happen happen...

i think dad's resting place is ingenious...

i had a lady come to me to make glass prisims to hang in the window with her dads ashes
she wanted one for each of the siblings
and then we made a glass tomb so to speak for the remaining ashes to send back to his second wife
that was ingenious too i thought

i just bet your dad is very appreciative and happy for the place you created for him!!! and resting well looking out his favorite window! not missing a thing


Shashi Nayagam said...

Glad to know you enjoyed your time off with hubby. Wow your digital collages are beautiful. What a talented lady you are.

LazyKay said...

Beautiful effects.

(Glad you've got your blokes trained too).


Gini said...

I used to live in Ironbridge and Wightwick Manor is fabulous.
I love going there. I'm so glad you had nice weather to get some great outdoor shots.
Your digi art is beautiful. I am so glad you've spent the time and effort to learn. A whole new level of possibilities are now available for you. Go Linda!
What an amazing transformation with those flowers.
You are so talented Linda!