Thursday, 10 September 2009

Precious Things.......

I have a few things to show I hope you'll bear with me! First of all....we've only just dared to open up our bird box and have a look inside. We knew that the blue tits had deserted the nest in May because a black cat kept upsetting them....but we wanted to be absolutely sure. Inside; 10 perfect eggs in a cosy nest; so beautiful ..... but so sad. My son says they look exactly like Cadburys Mini Eggs - and they are the same size too. Yuk.....doesn't bear thinking about!!!!

I decided to have my own set of 'Mini Moos' having admired the ones friends have sent in packages recently. It was great fun choosing which pictures of my work to have on them.....and I'm thrilled with the results!!
Just look at this array of gorgeousness! I ordered these collage papers from Ro Bruhn's etsy shop....I love her work. I'm going to use them on some mixed-media pages in a journal. I want to play with combining paper, stitching and fabric.
And lucky me! I won the give-away on Corinne Phillips blog....six wonderful fairy postcards of her work. They will probably appear on my journal pages too. I especially love the Little Black Dress fairy......
My printed tapes arrived from lillalotta.....looking forward to using them.
And finally.......I've been making ATCs using copies of my own paintings. I printed out sections then added extra paint and embellishments. These two will be winging their way to a new friend, Gini, who I have recently met through ABAA. She's a lovely lady who has a great sense of humour! I recommend a visit to her blog.


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

always inspiring and sweet to visit you dear Linda!
that nest is so soft and precious, ten eggs is alot!!! naughty kitten upsetting the birdies!
what a brilliant idea to create your own moos AND your ATC idea is fab too.
congrats on your fairy card prize, aren't those playful and gorgeous!
I'm off to check on all the fun links you've shared!

Lynn said...

Wow, love your atc's Linda, lucky lady who recieves them :)
The photo of the nest is amazing, the poor little birds having to leave all those eggs, that is so sad, but a part of nature I suppose.
Lot's of goodies in the mail too, love the fairy cards :)

Jacky said...

What wonderful things to share with us.... that nest and eggs just took my breath away. I hope we see that in some of your art!
Your new tapes from Lilotta are lovely. I bought some a while back too, very special and such lovely quality.
Have just popped over to Corinnes blog for a peep. How exciting to win her giveaway. I would be using them in my journal too, scrummy.
Beautiful ATC's using your very own art and all of the other wonderful goodies...thanks for sharing.

Judy S. said...

Wow, Linda, what a lot of eggs! Makes me glad we keep our cats inside. Lucky Gina. I especially like the "take time" one.

maggi said...

What lovely ATCs. Lots of lovely goodies for you too. Fortunately my black cat did not disturb any of my nesting bird even though they have been in the hedges and trees. Their offspring are now eating me out of house and home.

The Joy of Nesting said...

What wonderful fodder for your imagination Linda!!! You are a very lucky girl. Be sure to show us just what inspirations you greated with all of your new supplies.!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

pammyjo said...

Thanks for sharing your links. I really like your Moos. Super awesome. Using printouts of your art ... whole new avenue to explore. The nest is so lush and pretty. Yes sad! Have a great rest of the week. :) It's so fun to drop by.

Rosie said...

All these treasures! So sad about the nest, but if the parents had stayed we'd never have seen this precious work of art! Love your moo cards and your new papers and EVERYTHING!

Catharina Maria said...

This is really a lovely blog post with beautiful things to see !
Love from Rini ,the Netherlands

Heather said...

What a super post Linda. The nest is so beautiful - hopefully the bluetits rebuilt and raised a family elsewhere. Love the Mini Moos. I'm a Ro Bruhn fan too - you'll do lovely things with her papers, the fairy postcards and the printed tapes. Your ATCs are really special.

Anne said...

Hi, Linda! I love your Mini-Moos! What fun to have such a cool collection of your work! The collage papers are gorgeous. Love the ATCs you're making from your own artwork. That's a fabulous idea! :-)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Such lovely goodies Linda. I love your ATC. Sad about the eggs. What are you going to do with them? Are you going to paint them. They would look very cute on a Christmas tree with the nest.
Have a great weekend

LazyKay said...

What a great photo of the eggs!

Love the mini moos.

Lucky you winning the draw - how exciting.

Great idea to use copies of your art work - I'd never have thought of that.


Gini said...

Your postman must be worn to a frazzle this week Linda!
Oh, it's such a shame when a nest gets abandoned, what a gorgeous snugly nest as well.
The moos are fantastic what a great idea. I know they are a sort of business card for crafters but I can't help but think they would look fantastic if they dressed a three sided card triangle (a very tall 3 sided pyramid) or even if they overlapped just a little on a cylinder version of the same pointed cone.

I am a VERY LUCKY lady indeed, I shall start stalking my postman!
Thank you so very much!!


Tara said...

Oooh lots of lovely things! So sad about the eggs though. We had a nest that was abandoned last year but we kept it because the bird had woven a silver thread through it - so beautiful.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

So beautiful and sad at the same time.

Those moo cards are too cool and those collage papers are just drool worthy. I love the colors on both.

Judy Scott said...

its so sad to see such beautiful eggs and no little birdies, nature is cruel at times but how wonderful the nest looks, all soft and fluffy. Your art cards are lovely and Ro's papers very scrummy :) these will be lovely to sew and add things to, look forward to seeing the finished results. Love the fairy art cards too, sending love ~ Judy x

Lorraine said...

love those collaged papers and your ATC paintings are beautiful..shame about the blue tits

Mar said...

gorgeous everything is! gorgeous
i love those papers!!!
and i am going to go check out her etsy shop!
what ARE moo's anyway??
i have seen them for a couple of years
they are pretty but what are they for?
and i am super interested in fabric journals too
incorporating fabric with paper...
:)(you did??mention this didn't ya?)
anyhow in case i DID read right...
we tend to drive ourselves in the same direction
fun having a traveling partner
and i am content in the passenger seat
i am an excellent co-pilot
i keep the nibbles coming and can read a map!
(lost a lot of ya didn't i)

Terri said...

Linda, the photo of the birds nest is so precious!
Your moo's and atcs are lovely. Just how does one go about making a set of their own moos? It looks like you have a box just the right size too!

La Dolce Vita said...
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La Dolce Vita said...

Linda, so sad about the birds abandoning the nest, but the eggs are so beautiful. your atc's are wonderful as always and thanks for sharing your moos! i have it on my list this week to check it out!

My Journey to Hope said...

I'm so glad you had your art made into atc's and little moo's! Are you selling them somewhere? I love the idea of reusing your work and then embellishing it with even more pretty things. Brilliant and cheap!

:) Michelle