Monday, 20 October 2008

And More Stuff!

I went along to another craft session at the Beetroot Tree Gallery this morning. We made 'papers' using silk and bamboo fibres, linen threads, angelina fibres, hemp and other bits and pieces. It was an interesting technique using J-cloths, water, decorators varnish or PVA watered down and a metal spoon to burnish. My pieces are still wet and look like this.... .....

tomorrow when they are dry I'll peel them off the cloths. They should look a lot better!!
The next step is to add little pieces of metal (bonded on with fuseFX) and some hand or machine embroidery. (You're probably thinking what a mess and who can blame you, lol !!!! Hopefully tomorrow they will be transformed!)
If you like working with metal here's a tip I got today........angelina fibres can be bonded onto metal if you use bondaweb in between. It looks very effective. I took a small piece to show you, unfortunately the photo doesn't show the irridescent effect very well.
Can't wait to have a go at this myself.

I started a new painting on wood yesterday - I'm being brave and showing the first sketch. I'm trying to put a bit of movement into my work. I must try a different colour scheme as well for this one...maybe pink?

This is my latest Soul Journal page. I used pictures and letters cut out from magazines. They are pages I started in Sarah's workshop - you can just about see the silhouette of a face on each page (we cut out images from a magazine and stencilled around the edge).

And finally........I got caught up in Rosie's enthusiasm for a Distress Inks technique that Dan demonstrated on his blog - so I thought I'd have a go and make a tag. Its all about blending the inks and then splattering with water to create the mottled effect. All good fun!


Chris said...

OMG I have missed soooooo much on your blog lately Linda... meeting myself comeing backwards at the moment lol
Just been feasting my eyes and what a wonderful catch up hun... I always love everything you do and think it's so fab the way you will have a go at all sorts of different things.... and you rock them too!!!
Loving your new bedroom and your bargain dress...way to go... you really are ready for Christmas dancing now aren't you. Hope you remember to show us a pic of you all glammed up when you wear it :)
Thanks for all your comments on my blog and for the mention on the Art adventure blog too... it really means a lot to me :)
Chris xx

Shashi Nayagam said...

Linda what a lot of beautiful stuff you are creating. Love your tag, the journal is fabulous and looks like your paper is going to turn out wonderful. No nothing is a mess it is art. Thank you for the tip. I might just use it on my doll at some point.

Jaqi said...

Wow , you have posted loads today.
The papers you made at the class look good. Bet you had lots of fun making those, are you going to record a tutorial for us so we can see how you did it?
As for the angelina fibres, thats exciting, I need to do more work with mine and learn how to use it in more projects.
Your new sketch is fab too. I love her face and hair and what peircing eyes she has, shes lovely, well done, Jaqi

Chriss Rollins said...

thanx for sharing so much you really are a blessing to so many of us we learn from you.
chriss x

magpie said...

Linda you lucky lady... that is my bestest gallery love it.. you will have a great time.. can't wait to see what you do with the workshop bits..
Love Sharon xx

Mar said...

she has movement!
you are accomplishing that so far...
being brave is scarry..(i think that is redundant)
you are excelling in the suzi technique...and i can't wait to watch her bloom


Rosie said...

What a BUSY girl you've been! Love the journal pages, and the Distress Ink tag, and I'm so glad you liked your little book!!

Heather Robinson said...

Oh my goodness...I need a cup of tea to just sit and gaze about all of your beautiful artwork. You are so diverse in your techniques and in what you is inspiring to me! I'm very excited to watch the progress of your new "girl" with her twirly skirt. Hugs to you...

pammyjo said...

Oh my gosh, you are so productive with your creativity. You always amaze me. Love the tag and can't wait to see your sketch come to life with color. She looks great so far. Oh I long to retire and have the time to be as adventureous as you. You know I'm jealous. LOL I love visiting.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So much wonderful eye candy to catch up on Linda! Your soul journal pages are so fantastic! Love your tag, must go peek at Dan's technique now too. Love your penciled girl kicking her leg up, can't wait for the next step :) Angelina fibers on metal, what a great tip TFS!

Jacky said...

Linda I love that tag you have made with the distressed ink technique...about to go and check that out! I love the stamp you have used, very quirky.
Your new sketch is gorgeous and I think you have achieved the movement you were after. I cant wait to see more of this piece.
Your journal pages are great (I feel so guilty as I need to get back to finishing mine...I promised myself I would do that AND I will.)
I like the look of the fibre pieces you made at the gallery too. Thanks for sharing with us all.

LazyKay said...

Luvin' it!


Anonymous said...

Im back on line hooray :)
So much for me to catch up on Linda you have been busy .
I ADORE your drawing of the girl you have so managed to get movment in it ,Its stunning .
I love your tall house what a great idea .
I think your angelina fiber experiment is fab , and the little cherubs are really cute .

Im sorry if there are spelling mistakes the small comment thingamy does not spell check for some daft eason .

good to catch up with your blog I hope you are okay .
Love and hugs from sesga xxx