Saturday, 19 July 2008


Jaqi has tagged I'll have a go
1.What was I doing 10 years ago?
Teaching Y2 children and probably celebrating because it was almost the end of term!
2.Name 5 things on todays 'to do' list....
Do mum and dads shopping (done)
Buy a book so I can start my journal (more of that tomorrow) (done)
Phone my cousin in Canada (done)
Help Brian order stamps for my birthday (done - hope they arrive in time!)
Buy a shelving unit for conservatory (ooops)
3.Snacks I enjoy...
Mini Cheddars, olives, pistachios
4.Things I would do if I was a millionaire....
Buy mum and dad a bungalow with a conservatory
Have my baggy eyes sorted out
5.Places I have lived...
Here (in the middle of Nottm and Derby)
Crewe (for 3 years at college)

Now I tag.................Chriss, Sesga, Shashi , Sharon, and Judy.


Jaqi said...

I have cousins in Canada too ! In London Ontario ! Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for tagging me I will enjoy this one .
Love from sesga xx
PS whens your birthday?????????

Anonymous said...


散文 said...