Friday, 13 January 2012

Latest Cloth....and Tales of a Bad Boy

Just thought I'd show my latest Spirit Cloth.....I can't seem to stop making these.

Maggi took me to Quiltessential in Cromford yesterday, and all I could think of whilst I was looking at all the beautiful fabrics, was ooooh, that would be lovely ripped up...... ;-)

Forgot to tell you in my last post...I went on an all-day jewellery making workshop last month in Nottingham; it was excellent (a Groupon deal). I made necklaces, earrings and bracelets
.... since then I've been researching other skills on YouTube and found out how to do knotted bracelets (if you're interested, see here). I'm particularly pleased with my sliding square knot closure! (see here)
I also made tiaras for all the girls to wear during Christmas's Liz wearing hers.

Now for the Bad Boy.......
Here he is looking all innocent ........ having just washed his tum (and fallen asleep on the job) after his dinner on Christmas Day .......aaaaah, you may say. (Does anyone else's cat sit in a chair like a human?)
Well, he is ......I'm sorry to have to tell you this........a mouse killer. See, you've all gone off him now, haven't you?

I have just cleaned up his 5th dead mouse off my hall floor :-(
Two weeks ago he brought a live one in and proceeded to chase it round the lounge, throw it in the air and cause mayhem, whilst Liz and I screamed and chased after them. It was like Keystone cops.
My Mum says they are presents for me because he loves me. Mmmmmm.... hasn't he heard of flowers?
Good job I love him........


Julie said...

I think Maggi's been leading you astray ;-) Not surprising that you are becoming addicted, your slow cloth is beautiful.

I think I would have been shrieking with you if my cat had brought a live mouse in! Eeeek!

Bunty said...

Well done on the jewellery and tiaras - you are very clever!

I could do with Peachy in my house - old cottage with rodent visitors in cold weather. I have a phobia about them and completely freak out. When we brought down the Xmas decs from the loft, each bag had been chewed into and all my ornaments made from foam or polystyrene ( mainly red painted berries) had been eaten or chewed. I had to throw loads away. He likes bringing Mummy lots of presents!


Sandie said...

He, He, Peachy is a real cat then...!
The secret is to nonchantly say," Oh, a mouse." walk away and when he thinks you are NOT going to leap around and get all excited, he will slope off. This is your clue to put a plastic bag over your hand and a bit of tissue, cove said mouse with the tissue pick up mouse with plastic bag and turn it over mouse, knot it (the bag, not the mouse lol!) and dispose of responsively in the refuse bin!
After a while, he'll stop bring mice and start on birds, or if you're more fortunate, dead leaves and laggy bands disposed of by the postie...hopefully he won't chew and swallow these!

Sandie xx

Jackie said...

well...cats are cats I suppose but we do love them. Ours is so naughty with birds. Won't say any more.
As for the jewellery, you are so good at whatever you do.

Jacky said...

Yes, be thankful it's mice, not birds!!!! That Peachy, he does live the good life.
Gorgeous jewellery creations and of course I love your latest little spirit cloth...gorgeous colours and stitching. Like you, I'm always thinking of how something would be great ripped up! What has happened to us?
Jacky xox

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Love the colors of green and blue ...wonderful tiaras and very cooool bracelet work and Peachy,,,he was so exhausted from his mouse escapades he fell asleep on the job:) This is true about him bringing you "prezzies" cats "present" them on the back porch all in a row...omg.
They are very neat about it too...well trained aren´t they:)

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Great jewels and tiaras, oh my! What fun you are having. Spirit cloth has your favorite color palette I see, me too! xox Corrine

Nora MacPhail said...

Your turquoise fabric is absolutely lovely! As is your cat...!

Dot said...

Hello lovely Linda. Happy, happy new year to you. I hope 2012 is a little ripper for you. Your latest cloth is gorgeous. The colors are beautiful (as always). Know what you mean about ripping up cloth. I feel the same way. I laughed and laughed at the pic of 'mouser' Peachy falling asleep mid clean (and at his yoga poses too). he is a flexible kitty.
Liz looks great in her tiara :). You are so clever!
Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S It is horrible when kitties bring in dead mice. I remember Ronnie bringing in a mouse once he has sucked to death.Ick!!

Heather said...

Love the necklace and tiara - very glam.
I also love your spirit cloths and can understand that you'd want to keep making them.
Peachy is only doing what a cat has to do! I think your Mum is right - our cat always left his dead mice under my husband's chair - lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Spirit Cloth, the colours are beautiful.

Thuis Thuis said...

I love those colours.
Our cat playes with a toy mouse thinking it is real and bring it to us.
Thats so easy.
Have a nice weekend.
Love Annette

MulticoloredPieces said...

Really lovely blue and green piece and I like the stitching.
best from Tunisia,

Emma said...

So this must be the sleeping Budda pose? Mice nibbled all our stockings, only a mouthful in each luckily so I did a bit of Boro repair. Loft too warm apparently, hmmm.

Lovely cloth & jewellery. the sound of ripping cloth? Wonderful!

Terri said...

Oh Peachy! I can just see you yelling and jumping while he tosses his lunch proud of himself!

I adore your Spirit cloths and I don't think you should stop creating them if you are loving it. Your joy comes out in your creations!
I have "pinned" this one and some others, as they are so beautiful and inspiring!

All day jewelry making...that's my kind of party! How fun! Your knotted bracelet is wonderful too.

You really made tiaras for all the girls? Wow! You all must have looked like princesses with those on!


Heloise said...

Happy New Year. Love the colours and stitched design of your slow cloth.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wishing you a lovely year ahead Linda. Wow such stunning work no wonder Peachy wants to award you with those gifts. Funny what cats can do . Love Peachy's antics. Mine used to sleep on my shoulder like a baby lol!