Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

My garden is awash with muscari (such a wonderful colour) and this morning I've been watching the blue tits building a nest in our box at the bottom of the garden. I managed to take a photo from my craft room window. I was amazed at how long they took pecking around the edge of the hole....apparently they are 'marking' it so the other birds know its taken.

I must remember to prune that buddlea properly when they've gone!!

This is where I was last week....the Los Gigantes hotel in Tenerife. These are the champagne waiters around the pool (I only had the one glass) (per day). Those are my (rather pale) toes...they're a bit browner now.

On Tuesday evening I was the Nottingham Arena!!

Torville and Dean were on top form and Ray Quinn was incredible. It was also good to see Kyran Bracken and Suzanne Shaw skating again. And Jessica performed her Bolero...aaaahh.....

Yesterday afternoon I did some hand needle-felting and made it into a very late entry to our ABAA challenge last week.

And finally......thanks to a link from my lovely friend Dot I discovered the work of DJ Pettitt. Her books, paintings and collages are just amazing. I bought some pieces from her etsy shop and they arrived a few days ago. Three of them are on fabric and this is what she kindly suggests....

.....use these images in your mixed media collage work ... or even frame them if desired. They can be sewn on, painted on, you could glue elements on them... just about anything... ink won't smear with water media.
I need to think very carefully what I'm going to do with them!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.....enjoy that chocolate!!!!


M said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Love your garden and your little birds - made me feel "springy" !! I like the images you bought. You are tempting me to go her Esty Shop. I've seen her work in publications I have bought and it never crossed my mind that she would have an Etsy shop! Thanks, Linda. Marlynn

Sandy said...

My dear Linda, I wish you a happy and sunny Easter my friend. Happy Days.

Jackie said...

What a lovely post a bit of everything. The best kind.
Happy Easter to you.

Rein said...

Happy easter Linda!

Jaqi said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Your holiday pictures are lovely....champagne, ooh lucky you.....
That little bird is so cute, what a lovely thing to watch from your craft room window, much better than the view I wouldnt believe me if i told you what i have to llok at hehehe, thats why my window is behind me LOL. I was a huge fan of Ray Quinn, Ive watched him in everything he has done hes brilliant, lucky you , well eat loads of chocolate and enjoy......happy easter, Jaqi XX

LaY hOoN said...

Wish you have a happy Easter day.
I love the felt that you sew.

Rosie said...

These images are beautiful - I'm not surprised you fell in love with them. Look forward to seeing how you use them. Happy Easter me dear and see you NEXT WEEK!! :-)

Judy S. said...

Easter Blessings to you and yours, Linda. Looks like you had a nice vacation!

Carol said...

My daughter altered a photo of my granddaughter and she called it "Blue Eyed Girl". I thought you might like to see it. It is my post from a few days ago, April 9, "Thankful Thursday". I love your altered house book! I do some altered books myself. I have some in some way older posts if you are bored and want to go back a ways. It might be called "Forever Altered". Carol

LazyKay said...

What lovely photographs, you did well to get the bird so clearly. Spring certainly seems to have sprung.

Love that felting, still not produced anything I can use but will keep trying - so many techniques to try and so few hours in the day! (What DO these people who complain about being bored do? I'm NEVER bored).

Thanks for the links, such inspirational work - I get lost in blogland when I visit.

Love those images you bought - await developments with interest.



Holly Loves Art said...

Dropping in to say hello! What gorgeous purple flowers! Always love to come here for a lookie and see what lovely things you are working on. Have a wonderful day.

Renee said...

Hello dear friend. Thank you for your comment on my limbo post. xoxox

How is your Mom doing? I hope all is well with you and the family.

Your holiday looks like it was great.

I say more pictures.

Love Renee xoxo

Julia said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for visiting me,thanks for the encourgaement re my etsy...still coming.. I love your felted heart..... I had a bird box at the bottom of the garden ...what a lovely thing to look out

Anonymous said...

Hello !
Champagne by the pool , how lovely .
Love your brooch you made its stunning .
Glad you had a good holiday you so deserve it .
Love from sesga xx

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

WOW what a fun post Linda, thanks for taking us along to so many fun events and creativity! So glad you had a getaway for some fun in the sun too!

penny patten said...

Love your work! Thanks for sharing!, Penny

Lynn said...

Ooooooo lots of goodies Linda. So glad your trip was gorgeous and you had a Happy Easter.
I bought two of Kelly Rae Roberts prints at Christmas and just now finally had them framed. D.J is a great artist too.

You have always been so helpful and inspiring to me, so I am presenting you with an award today. Please come to my blog and pick it up :)