Friday, 6 March 2009

Goats Cheese Tarts

Couldn't resist giving you the recipe for these goats cheese and cherry tomato tarts. I made 16 of them for the cafe at the Beetroot Tree Gallery last week, then came home and made these for me and DH. I used mild goats cheese so they aren't terribly 'goaty'. You need:
210g puff pastry (froz)
125g goats cheese (its shaped like a little log)
60g (approx) soft cream cheese
1 crushed clove garlic
cherry tomatoes
Just roll out the pastry and line 4 flan cases (3-4") then mash the two cheeses together with the garlic and s&p. Press this into the pastry (it will be about 1/2" thick), slice cherry toms and place on top, sprinkle with thyme, a little black pepper and drizzle a little olive oil on if you like.
Bake at 180 degs for about 15 mins till golden. I'm off to make some more for tea tonight!


purplecat said...

Linda these look delish! and veggie friendly too!

Renee said...

Come to Mama, you goat cheese tart, you.


Love Renee

LazyKay said...

Oh, my mouth's watering - these look yummy!


Judy S. said...

Yum! I think I need to go eat some lunch as you've made me hungry...

Jaqi said...

They look yummy, I thought they were little pizzas, I dont eat pastry, so I wont be trying though sorry, Jaqi

morningDove said...

yum, yum, they look delicious.

Shashi Nayagam said...

They look delicious!

*jean* said...

yummmmyyy! perfect for my garden of tomatoes this summer!! thank you!

Lyneen said...

These sound do yummy!!

Jackie said...

Is that Alysn MM's Beetroot Tree?
They look great. I like goaty!