Thursday, 25 September 2008


I changed her name...Nereida comes from Greek mythology, it means Sea Nymph. I think she's finished, but I'm going to email Suzi and ask if I should add any more. (She's told us we can do that.) I wanted to give her jewellery - but I don't know what. I can't draw shells!

Here are the previous stages.

Before I go I just want to thank everyone for the lovely messages you left me regarding Pebble. You are all so thoughtful and kind.
Love Linda xxx


Jaqi said...

Oh shes just lovely, well done you are so clever. Jaqi x

Mary S Hunt said...

she is adorable
if you can't draw shells
how about cut pictures? add some greenry seaweedy stuff
or starfish
clam is a real easy shell to do
or oyster and pearl

i am doing suzis class too

Chris said...

I think she is wonderful and I adore the suits her :) Love all of the photos showing the stages of making her come to life...just fab.
I am sure whatever you decide to add to her will look great on her, she is so pretty :)
Chris xx

Sue said...

Absolutely lovely Linda. And what on earth are you talking about - you know you can draw shells - Suzi says so .... and Kathryn ....and Sarah ... and me - lol

Sanja said...

love the colors.awesome work,Linda!

Dot said...

This is beautiful Linda. You have done a great job. And I agree with Sue I am sure you can draw shells too!

Thinking of you and hoping the pain is easing over Pebble. I am sure she is with you in spirit. And I think you will ' hear' her around your home from time to time when she comes to pay a visit.

Dot xx

LaY hOoN said...

She so adorable !!

And I love your blog. Make me hand itching want to leave comments.