Saturday, 19 July 2008

Storing Stamps

I was talking to Rosie a while ago about the best way to store unmounted stamps and she told me about an idea she'd seen on a blog where someone had used old CD cases. And it works brilliantly! I'm in the process of sorting all mine, but I need more cases. Brian won't let me have his Beatles/Rolling Stones/Eric Clapton (etc) ones, so maybe I need to go to a car boot sale or something.
Anyway.....I've stamped the images on paper and put that in the front of the case..........
...and the stamps cling beautifully to the inside! Sorted!

Hope that might be of some use.
Love Linda


Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Linda,
I too have seen this storage system and promissed myself to get organised one day... Now you have shamed me into it.
I adore your little shabby chic storage and you are right to leave them as they are.. so much better than shelving.
thanx for the lovely comments.
Saw your house up there with the samples...well done.
Wouldnt be able to throw that wrapping away either. lol.
have a nice weekend.
oh and pretty mean of Brian dont you think. xxx

sharon said...

Oooh thanks for that - what a fab idea. That paper bag looks great - you'll have to go back and buy something else!

Jaqi said...

What a great idea, im getting to the stage where i cant find the stamp im looking for so this would solve that problem no bother. I will have to hunt out some boxes. Thank you for the tip, Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

You are so tidy Linda!!
Your my kind of girl!!
Excellent idea .
Love from sesga xx

Rosie said...

Woo hoo, clever ole me! Now all I've got to do is organise MYSELF!

Mandy C said...

fab idea Linda! wish i could do that but somehow i think my stamps would fit... also i dont use clingmount... but i DO think its an excellent idea... perhaps i could do mine bit by bit. ooohhh you can buy cases a few for a £ in £ shops :-)