Monday, 21 July 2008

Magazine Images - pages 3 and 4

Sarah gave us a list of 24 things to find in magazines, including a number, a flower, a circle, the letter R and something blue. We then stuck them down in a specific pattern (after preparing the paper with gesso and paint). I tore the edges of the pictures and went round with a brown chalk inkpad. I added a bit of scribbling and thought that was it - but no, Sarah told us to go back to it 2 days later and add paint and some specific patterns.
Well I rather like my brown page so I left that and just followed the instructions for the next page.

I have learnt a great deal about preparing and making backgrounds up to now.
What next I wonder? If you want to see Sarah's instructions, look here.

Thanks for all your supportive comments, by the way - I really appreciate them.
Love Linda x


Chriss Rollins said...

I'm lost... dont understand what its about or what is going on...all i know is i like what i see.
thanks for sharing look forward to your next pages.
chriss x

Christy said...

This looks great. It has a very ethereal feel to it with the added paint.

Mary S Hunt said...

You have given the pages a really wonderful feeling depth
LOVE the armour page

Jaqi said...

Oh its really taking shape now, but im imagining that the pages will be so thick the book wont close? Is that right? it looks great id love to haVE A GO , I will gather the bits and pieces together and do it while im off on holiday, cant wait to see what you do next, Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I love these pages, this journal is a real work of Art.
I love it .
Love from sesga xx

LazyKay said...

I'm really enjoying watching this (and you) grow.


Dot said...

Your choices of images work beautifully Linda. I would love to see this in person!

Mary S Hunt said...

thank you for visiting my journal..
the comarderie from this inspiring direction of Sarah's is awesome!