Thursday, 29 May 2008

Torso Challenge

Well I'm off to Skiathos tomorrow so no posts from me for just over a week. In the meantime, I thought I'd copy Rosie's idea and give you a challenge.
This is my Frida torso..I'll make more when I get home and swap with anyone who wants to have a go. I suggest a female icon as your theme.
No rules about the shape of the torso - just make it roughly ATC sized as mine is.
I hope you'll give it a go!
Love Linda xx
PS For those of you who asked, this is the link for the felt balls:
PPS Thanks to those who asked about my thumb - its just about healed! (Its a numb thumb though - probably no nerve endings left!)

Monday, 26 May 2008


I couldn't use my craft room today as DH was painting the walls...turquoise! (Well it is my room so I can have what I like.) The only thing I could take easily into the conservatory was my collage /sewing box, so I decided to make a bracelet.
I used felt balls (about the size of a large pea) and stitched beads and sequins on to them.
Finally I threaded the balls onto elastic.
I used all my favourite colours.....shame its not for me!
Linda x

Friday, 23 May 2008

Zozi finished

This is the one and only Zozi - there will be no more!!
As far as dolls are concerned...I think I'll stick to icicles and Dotees.
But I wanted to have a go and I'm proud that I made her myself from scratch.
She'll sit by my computer during the day and at night she'll dance around my craft room.
(Just humour me, please.)

Thursday, 22 May 2008


This is going to be Zozi the dancing girl.
I am rubbish at painting faces, I can only hope that practice will make 'reasonable' (I can't hope for perfect).
Off to stitch her legs on and make her a tarty skirt.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Dans Ma Maison.....

With my current passion for little houses I was delighted to discover the challenge blog 'Dans ma maison il y a.....' Each week they ask for a different thing to be put in a house; this week its a butterfly.
My picture is from Lunagirl, the wings are from Artchix, the background stamp is from an Invoke Funky House, the charm is from Scrapz and the word papillon I typed using a new font from Dafont called 'bleeding cowboys' - odd title but fabulous font!
I keep thinking the overall effect is too simple, but its so tiny I can't get much more on.

I've been out in the garden today and couldn't resist taking pictures of my gorgeous clematis. Its at its best at the moment and the flowers are huge.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Close ups

Just a few close ups of my little houses; I loved making these.
Pictures are from Artchix, Digital Collage Sheets, 'Supplies to go' (Etsy) and Lunagirl.
The curly tree stamp is from the Squiggly Ink Collection (Paper Artsy) which I bought from Scrapz.
Linda x

Little Houses

I've made a row of houses this weekend, inspired by Rosie, Dan and Kathy. I made them into a zig-zig with some loops of wire. I'll post some more pictures later on.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Dangly Thing

Rosie made one of these 'dangly things' for me and I was so taken by it I couldn't wait to have a go myself.
I've bought a few frames so I can make some for presents, but this is my first attempt so it isn't really good enough to give away.
The frames are from Artchix - a wonderful American site that sells collage sheets, 3D houses to decorate and Dreamboxes (metal shrines with glass doors). They show examples of what you can make with all their items, too, so its very inspiring.
My little collage is covered with Glossy Accents which I bought from Karen's shop.
Have you seen Karen's challenge? Its a good one!
I've almost finished mine, I just need some words.
She's got a lovely prize up for grabs, so go and have a look.

Thanks for all the kind comments about my new picture - Rosie said I had to change it because the other one didn't look like me!
Love Linda x

Monday, 12 May 2008

My First Skinny

Well I've really struggled to produce anything today - I've thrown loads of 'bodged' efforts in the bin! But I've persevered and done a challenge. This is the Skinny Saturday challenge and the theme this week is 'When we were young.....'
The photo is of me at school and the writing at the bottom is copied from a letter I wrote to my uncle Lou in Canada, telling him I was going to be a bridesmaid. I was 5 at the time and absolutely loved school...hence all the hearts!Incredibly, my uncle saved the letter and gave it back to me a couple of years ago.

Well, I can't wait to have my thumb sorted out at the docs tomorrow....its starting to smell like liver (sorry, thats probably too much information).
Love Linda xx

Sunday, 11 May 2008

I've gone off coleslaw

You know those mandolin things that slice up the vegetables nice and thin for coleslaw - well they slice thumbs really well too!
My own stupid fault I know, I forgot to use the holder thing and took a huge chunk out of my thumb.
I've been to the hospital twice and they're having a few problems stopping it bleeding (sorry if you're squeamish!) Its got a seaweed pad on it now which apparently helps!
So, I can't use scissors..and I don't have brilliant 'picking up' skills at the moment, but I'll try and make something tomorrow to post.

On the plus side - I can't wash pots, peel potatoes, prepare food etc.
But on the minus side........ my hair desperately needs washing!

I have definitely gone off coleslaw - dont think I'll ever be making that again.
The mandolin's in the bin, anyway.
Linda xx

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Rosie's Challenge

I was thinking about Rosie and wondering if the weather in Crete is as good as ours today!
I sat in the garden of a country pub this lunchtime with my lovely friend Alison, a baguette and a glass of wine. Bliss.
Only problem is I've now got a face like a beetroot.
But back to Rosie - I decided to have a go at her challenge and make a few little houses.
I managed to sneak in one of my new Funky Heart stamps; its on flowery paper which I accentuated with gold and black pens.
I bought the heart charm from my local craft shop today for 1p!

Hope Rosie likes them anyway.
I'm looking forward to making some more tomorrow.
Off now to slap on some Aloe Vera.
Linda xx

Monday, 5 May 2008

Here Come the Girls!

Just spent a happy few hours making these...if there's a particular one you'd like, please email me.
I turned 3 of them into pictures...not quite ATC sized, but the smaller ones aren't far off.
I used the Flying Flower Girl stamps, Whispers pens, gems, gold and silver pens, embossing powders, glitter glue, metal charms, brads and eyelets.

Hope you've all enjoyed the gorgeous weather...I'm off for a barbecue!

Love Linda x

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Frida Book Cover

Just thought I'd show the cover for my Frida book - proof that I've actually started it!
I've used some of the Invoke stamps. There are 8 in the set; 4 pictures, a symbol, a quote and 2 words.
I've double embossed the picture and the symbol to bring the colours out (I always think of Tina when I do this!)
Rosie has kindly agreed to bind the pages for me when its complete as she has a special machine.
Brian and I have just spent over 5 hours decorating and mowing lawns at mums. Now I really must go and make the ATCs and Art Dolls I've promised people!
Linda xx

Saturday, 3 May 2008


I'm back in blogging land after an eventful week!
I went to stay with my lovely friend Rosie for a few days and after that I spent some time with mum. Today we went to see dad in the hospital....very emotional, but I'm so glad I went.

This is my favourite new stamp from Invoke Arts. I love it so much I've sent off for the whole set - so look out for lots of heart themes coming up.
Even my daughter was taken with this image - she thought it would make a great tattoo! Mmmm.....I shall be watching her very closely in the coming weeks!
I've got loads of stuff to keep me dolls, swaps, houses (see Rosie's challenge), heart ATCs plus I'm making a Frida arch book (the Invoke Frida stamps have just arrived!) so watch this space!
Take good care of yourself
Linda xx