Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Things didn't quite go according to plan for us because Mum had a bad fall 4 days before Christmas Day and fractured her femur (close to the hip replacement she had done last Christmas.....eeek!)  And no -  the snow and ice weren't to blame - she was just trying to get to the toilet at 6.00 in the morning and stumbled outside her bedroom door.
So as you might expect, I've been rather busy and apologise if I haven't managed to visit your blog over Christmas. I know you'll understand and I promise I'll be with you in the New Year.

Peachy is sad that the snow has gone....he absolutely loved playing in it and we had difficulty getting him back in the house. He looked so funny chasing snowflakes and jumping in the air....

....but Christmas tired him out, poor thing :-)

Hope you're not too tired after all the festivities and you still have some energy left to celebrate the start of the New Year. 
I shall do my best...... ;-)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Had you given up on me? I've had a computer-free fortnight whilst I caught up with some jobs and made some Christmas gifts. Of course during that time the snow and frost provided great photo opportunities in my garden....
...and apparently its not done with us yet :-( 

I used some of my photos for digital art. The one at the very top shows the view from my window. That, and the ones below, have textures from Kim Klassen and DJ Pettitt.

Here are some of the gifts I've been making - felted brooches, purses, washcloths (knitted and crocheted).......

...the pink and green cloths are tied up with rhubarb and custard scented soap!
I'm quite proud of my flowers as I've only just taught myself to crochet.

I met my friend Clare for lunch yesterday and she gave me this wonderful gift...... a little cat decoration which she had hand-stitched herself. The snowflake stitches and the fish bones are so tiny!! Truly something to treasure...I love it!

I'm off to the shops now to find some dancing shoes for a party I'm going to this evening with my sister. Its all go.... :-)

I hope you all have a truly joyful Christmas.......

Love from Linda xx