Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Digital Trickery and Videos for Dot

A bit of digital trickery.......beads, stitching and flowers all done by Photoshop! What a cheat. (The silk paper is real though :-)
Not content with are some other colourways!
Here's the original.......I've been making silk paper for a mixed-media collage class coming up soon. I like this piece so much I may actually use it for a (real) stitched landscape.

A few more pieces......
I'll try to get a collage completed in the next couple of days to show what I aim to do with them.

I promised my friend  Dot some video clips of Peachy and as I can't send them by email I will post them here.
Here he is trying to wreck the bead curtain in our conservatory .....

and in this one he's fighting with his toy cat. See what he does in the last couple of seconds! He's a cheeky boy........

And finally.......showing off his pink accessories. 
Ah well, after a visit to the vets in a few weeks time I don't suppose it will really matter......

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Nature's Artistry

I found these poppy seed heads in my garden yesterday and photographed them on some of my inky-splattered paper. They are so sculptural - like little minarets.

Couldn't resist altering the colours in Photoshop......
..........and fiddling with some layers.

Now they're making me think of strange writing implements!
Hoping to use these as inspiration for a fabric collage/embroidery.

I'm a little obsessed with hydrangeas at the moment and bought another one today to add to my collection.
Such gorgeous colour variations all on the same plant - and each separate flower is different; ranging from 3 to 5 petals. These are being pressed for future fabric and paper collages.

And finally..... I'm rather impressed by the way a branch of our clematis has decided to attach itself to the back of the garden seat. Nature's artistry eh?

(click for a closer view)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Garden Journal Update

I've been making lots of little bits and pieces to go in my garden journal. Here are a few pics.......

As you can probably see I've used fabric, lace, paper, threads, machine and hand-stitching, pressed flowers, buttons, sari ribbons and dyed scrim.
The words on the last picture are from The Flower Duet (Delibes). This is one of my favourite pieces of music. Here's a great version with Katherine Jenkins and Kiri Te Kanawa........enjoy.
Two posts today.....hope you can stay to the end and have a look at my birthday treats below!


It was my birthday at the weeekend - not one of my best as I didn't feel too well - but I had some lovely presents.......
 My husband bought me a Pandora leather bracelet with a gold and silver crown charm and I had two more from mum and Rob. Liz bought me the same charm as Rob (how incredible is that when there are dozens to choose from?) and is swapping it today.
Amongst other treats, my DH also bought me this gorgeous safety helmet for when we go cycling. As you can see from my face I am absolutely thrilled with it and can't wait to wear it out in public. It will no doubt do wonders for my hairdo and street cred. (Please DON'T click on it and view my 58 year old wrinkles!)
Dot and I did a swap and I couldn't believe the treasures she sent me..... just in time for my birthday as well. This glorious piece is mounted on canvas board and ready to hang on my wall. Dot is famous for her fabulous felted and beaded creations and I feel privileged to own one. She also included two lovely ATCs and a load of silk ribbons, felt pebbles and nubbles, wool, beads and sequins. How lucky am I :-)........thank you Dot, you're a sweetheart xx

My lovely friend Lynn also sent me birthday treats. I was absolutely thrilled to receive one of her precious birds nest charms in a beautiful box a lovely card, bookmark and other treats. Lynn is creating some wonderful pieces using pressed flowers; go see her blog.

 Last but not least my fab friend Rosie, who makes the most fantastic cards, sent me this beauty..... two ATCs, a microscope slide collage and a BOOK!!!!!
Thanks also to Jaqi and Sandie who sent me gorgeous cards (great colours girls!)

I am  a lucky (old) lady, aren't I?!!!