Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Born to Reign

Well I think she's finished.......but its hard to be sure. Anyway, this is lesson one and its loosely based on Princess Elizabeth. I can see now that the eyes are too dark and the hairline is a bit odd.........maybe I'll have to fiddle some more :-)


Judy S. said...

Isn't it interesting the way the camera lets you see things with a new eye? She's very nice, Linda!

Sandie's Patch said...

I came across your blog via 'Dot's Life and Art'.
I think it is a wonderful and inspiring blog!
I followed your link to the Beetroot Gallery.... me thinks I need to visit there soon and then often!
I'm very interested in felting and watched the felting tutorial on flowers on You Tube, now all I need is a washing up sponge,some wool ?roving, and a roving needle or two!
Thank you for being a brilliant blogger!
Sandie xx

Lori Saul said...

I love the beautiful added elements that are perfectly color coordinated and I especially like the softness and depth to her eyes now. Wonderful art Linda - bravo!

Diane said...

Elizabeth is looking GOOD, Linda!!! Don't you just love Suzi's new class?!

Sandy said...

Absolutely great and so special.
The red hair rock. Love it.

Jo said...

Ooo the colours, the colours... just love those colours: deep reds, maroons, burgundy and pink... truly scrumptions!!
Hugs xx

Lynn said...

Ohh Linda, she is beautiful, your shading just get's better and better :) Love her necklace and jewels, and I don't find her eyes to be odd at all.

Lorraine said...

great painting I like the shadows and shading round the nose and eyes. the hairline is just right as this was the fashion in Elizabethan times. thanks very much for your nice compliment on my blog

Catharina Maria said...

Is this the green eyed girl ???
She looks good Linda !
have a nice weekend !
love ♥RINI♥

p.s There is a give-away at my site I hope to see you there too ;o)

LazyKay said...



Jaqi said...

Shes stunning Linda , you have done a fab job x