Monday, 22 December 2008

Thank You Sesga!

I've met so many wonderful people since I started blogging 9 months ago and one of them is Sesga
She and I started blogging at the same time; we somehow found each other and have been friends ever since.
I often tell her she's a sweetheart and she really is. Look what she sent me for Christmas.... 3 of her gorgeous peg dolls. They are so cute - and she even did them in my favourite colours.
Not only that but she sent 2 in a little parcel just for my mum.
Thank you Sesga.... we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Jaqi said...

Oh they are beautiful, they are so cute. I imagine they will have pride of place in your decorations. Sesga is really clever her dolls are gorgeous. Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

Hello my Friend
Im glad you liked them ,you are a very Special Lady ,and Im glad our paths have crossed .
Thank you for your friendship ,love and hugs from sesga xx

Sandy..... said...

How very sweet! and they are beautiful, too!
I never thought "bloggin" would lead to such friendships. Funny how we make connections with people, isn't it?

Dot said...

You are so right about Sesga - she IS a sweetheart (and so are you).

Your peg dolls are gorgeous - and how lovely that our friend sent two for your mum.

I received 2 peg dolls from Sesga myself this week - they are so adorable!

Jacky said...

Arent these peg dolls divine!!! I received a beautiful surprise package from Sesga also with these lovelies inside (in my favourite pinks)...yes, she really is a sweetie.

Jackie said...

I was lucky too to get some peg dolls from sesga. Aren't they beautifully simple? I love how the raffia froms both wings and arms. Don't you love blog friendships?