Friday, 1 August 2008

Thank You Jaqi!

I must show you the birthday card Jaqi sent to me.
(She obviously knows all about my passion for David)
She told me how she celebrates her birthday by having an 'Elvis Day' (they share the same date), so I said maybe I'll have a 'DB Day', lol!
(OK , we don't share the same b'day...but who cares?)

Anyway - its a brilliant card Jaqi, I love it madly and it will stay on my desk until I'm fed up with looking at it. (So thats for ever then!)


Jaqi said...

HEHEHE, Im glad you like it, Elvis and I dont share the same birthday tho, its a bit sadder than that.....he died on my 17th Birthday, so every year on my birthday i remember him by watching all his films for the whole 24 hours a truly big ELVIS fix.....As I said before for a David Beckham day would you watch football for 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!Im lucky Elvis made so many films. You will have to start collecting footage of David Beckham for your next birthday and have your David Beckham marathon then, LOL But Im glad you like the card, Jaqi xx

Linda said...

Hah! I'll pass on the football I think. Maybe I could make a scrapbook of photos of him, LOL!!!

Jaqi said...

Now that sounds like a great idea, then you could put it on here as a slideshow, mmmm that would be nice, Jaqi x

Anonymous said...

ROFL... I can see you swooning from here :)
Happy Belated Birthday Linda hope you had a fab day.
Chris xxx

Jacky said...

I'm with you Linda, I think David Beckham is gorgeous (and I think my birthday is very close to his? Mine is the 2nd May and I have a feeling he is a taurean too).

How cute that your friend made you a David Beckham card.

LazyKay said...

Hope you had/have a great day - brill card!


Jackie said...

So many Jackies, all DB fans? Well we apprerciate things of beauty don't we?