Sunday, 10 August 2008

Frida Shrine

I've been ignoring Frida recently, so I decided to make a little shrine for her . I made it out of paperclay, painted it with pewter metallic paint, rubbed it with gold metallic rub-on..........

.......rubbed a lot of it off again, stuck on her picture, covered it with Glossy Accents and decorated it. I've covered the hole up at the front but it can still be hung on the wall from the back using a little nail. The whole thing is 7cm tall. Now Im going to find a challenge where I can use this technique and make another one.


Anonymous said...

I adore this shrine Linda its Amazing .I love the colours and the fact that it has a aged look.Its stunning well done you once again .You should make them to sell on etsy.
I love your latest pages beautiful colours .The saying is so true!!
I need to take that on board at times.
Love from sesga xx

Jaqi said...

Wow, I love this little shrine Linda, and Frida looks so at home in it. Are you going to hang it in your craft room? I agree with sesga , you should sell them. Well Done , Jaqi xx

Rosie said...

Oh wow WOW! I love how experimental you are Linda - and I've just remembered a packet of Paperclay in my cupboard from my Miniature days!!

LazyKay said...

Well must get the thesaurus out 'coz I'm running out of admiring words for your work.


Jacky said...

I'm glad you visited Frida again...this shrine is gorgeous, love the metal effects too!!!

What is this paperclay you are using (is it a certain brand or just the airdry clay?)

Frida rocks!