Wednesday, 5 March 2008

First post!

This is the start of a new journey for me. I'm only a beginner, I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I'm having a go. I've been playing around with loads of techniques and materials; stamping, painting, embroidery, fabric, angelina fibres, paper clay, shrink plastic.........and have made a few ATCs, cards, collages and scrapbook pages.
I have a few pieces of work on the gallery of the brilliant Scrapz website
and thanks to them have discovered the lovely Chriss who runs an ATC Trading Club We have just completed an ACT swop on the theme of poetry. Here are my first attempts........
....the last one depicts my beautiful daughter and was a special one just for me.
Tomorrow I'll post the ATCs I got in return.
And maybe I'll learn how to position the pictures side by side.
Love Linda x


Chriss Rollins said...


you did it well done...
how did you do the header i havnt found out yet.
i love the way they are set out.
will email you later.

congratulations and enjoy

chriss x

Linda said...

Thanks Chriss...that means a lot. I'll email you later re: header.I'm off to learn more about links!
Love Linda x

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you in the e-mail I just sent that I got your atc...3rd one down... in the swap this month and I just LOVE it!! well done on starting your blog...way to go girl :D

Linda said...

I'm really glad you like it - that means a lot to me. Thanks for your kind comments!
Love Linda xx