Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Chris's Challenge

This is my attempt at a scrapbook page for Chris's 'Love Challenge'.

I though I'd do something a bit different; I'm going to put it above my work table.... so I suppose really its for me. I've been wanting to record the things I love for some time - its a lovely task to sit down and make a list. Of course I couldn't put everything on, there are things missing.......chocolate truffles, fairy lights, natural beaches, friends, turquoise and lime, David Beckham.........

I may have another go at this in the future when I've acquired a few more skills and can make a better job of it!
A few gripes...the print is too small so you'll have to click on it to read the words.
My camera is bending the sides of my photographs!

Thanks for the challenge, anyway Chris. I enjoyed doing it.

Linda xx


Rosie said...

My camera bends my pictures too! Love what you've done in this layout - a perfect start to a "Book of Me" perhaps???

Chriss Rollins said...

OH you did it again ( thats a song i think)my back was turned for all of 10 mins and look at what you have been up2.
the love challenge is beautiful its a long time since i did a page.
love your work.
thanx for swapping a mermaid atc for 1 of denises off my blog
chriss x

Linda said...

Glad to hear its not just my camera misbehaving!
Thanks for the suggestion Rosie...something for me to think about.

Linda said...

And thanks for your lovely comments Chriss! (Were you thinking Britney Spears)

Jaqi said...

What a lovely page, It looks great. Well done and Thank you for sharing it, Jaqi