Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Where to start?

There's so much to say, I just don't know where to start. 
Once again I lost my way with everything to do with blogging. I haven't made anything with paper or fabric for ages.....but my love of photography, digital altering, iPhoneography, styling and moodboards has grown.
Over the past few months I have probably spent too much time on Pinterest, Instagram and FB; they are so easy to use.

Things haven't been great for me, health-wise, and when I'm struggling with those issues I can't focus on the whole process of blogging; the planning, composing posts, visiting blogs, sorting and editing photos,.......plus I don't feel I have anything worth saying (or showing). But I may be on the verge of finally getting a diagnosis (after almost three years). More of that another time. 

Anyway, I think I'm ready to start again....

Here are some of the things I'm  LOVING at the moment:
So what have I actually been doing? 

  • Going a bit crazy with Hipstamatic......

I think I like these dried coneflowers even more than the living ones....

  • Trying a bit of black and white

  • Making moodboards .......

 (Apologies to Instagram friends who have already seen some of these)

  • Planning Christmas projects .....  I have a tray of bottle brush trees in my art room awaiting transformation:

Last week we went to the Christmas Market at the Derby Roundhouse (organised by fabulousplaces.co.uk). 
It truly was a fabulous day and I was very grateful to feel well enough to enjoy it. 
I was mesmerised by the incredible setting, the attention to detail, the exhibitors (all from Derbyshire and many of them craftspeople), the food, the vintage tearoom, the decorations .......it was very special. And only a ten minute train ride away! The Roundhouse has a fascinating history; it's the world's first and oldest surviving railway roundhouse, built with the help of George and Robert Stephenson. If you click on the link you can see a 360 degree view of it.
We had VIP tickets which meant we received a bag of treats and samples plus we could use the private lounge and have free prosecco and cake. Brian was particularly grateful for this as he was able to relax and read his paper whilst I did a workshop run by Birds in the Attic.  It was so nice to meet Klara there (such an inspiring lady) and we had a lovely time making snow globes.
This was our view of the Roundhouse as we entered..... 

....and here are some other images from the day.

My little snow globe is bottom right.

I can't go without an Angel update........
She has two loves in her life at the moment (apart from me ;-)

  • The scratching board we bought from Zooplus for £3.99 (what a bargain....she's never off it!) She's decided its for scratching and sleeping.
  • Froggy (the green monster she's cuddling in the first pic). She carries him around the house in her mouth like a kitten.....then fights with him. (Maybe its a good thing she never had kittens ;-)

That's all for now......I'll try to come back very soon to show you more of my snow globes
(I'm currently tying little trees on top of cars). Oh the joys of Pinterest....... :-)