Monday, 6 August 2012

Show and Tell.....

After yet another blogging holiday ;-) I thought it was time to show what I've been up to. I'll try not to be too wordy as there are quite a few photos. I've been busy making things to sell in my daughter's salon, plus I spent a few weeks celebrating my recent 60th birthday. Well that's my excuse..... :-)

Anyway, here goes.........
1. A felted piece for a journal cover .....part done on the embellishing machine, part by hand.
 2. Journals for my daughter's salon/shop.
 3. Also crochet/bead bracelets...
 3. ...and organza flower brooches/hair clips. (Love making these :-) )
 4. A felted/collage card for a friend.
 5. A drawing which I'm in the middle of... (she insists on looking sad although I've tried to cheer her up :-/ )
 6. Gorgeous threads which I bought from Maggi's new online shop
 I've just ordered some beautiful fabric pieces too. I recommend a visit...she's a whizz with those fabric dyes!

7. A recent holiday in Skiathos (a birthday treat). My favourite Greek Island and our 5th visit :-)
 8. The Beach is back in Nottingham city centre! And yes...we have had a couple of sunny days recently to enjoy it!

 9. Enjoying a San Miguel in the Caribbean-style bar next to the beach.
 And finally......
 10. The Boy
He's grown so much he's struggling to fit on my knee. He wriggles and squirms around, trying to get comfy.......a messy tangle of limbs! Reminds me of this photo from a while back.
Click on pics for a closer look....especially the Peachy one ;-)

Ok....I have 2 days for blog-visiting before I go to Knaresborough on Thursday. For those of you who can get there, Feva arts week starts there on Friday :
Fingers crossed for sunshine!


Morna C-M said...

So much gorgeousness! That felted piece is wonderful and I'm loving your colorways. Your Boy reminds me of my Charlie, who has become quite FAT.

Happy Birthday!

Heloise said...

So sorry to be so late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you continue to enjoy your celebrations.

dls said...

Love your lap buddy.....he's adorable! Thanks for sharing!