Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Return of the Old Crock :-)

Well I think 'old crock' just about sums me up over the last couple of months; first the operation.....  then just as I was getting over that I pulled a muscle in my back and had to avoid sitting at my computer. I think I'm almost back to normal; I have one more physio session this afternoon then hopefully I can put all that behind me. Spring is definitely here today and I'm feeling a bit more frisky!!!  (But best not tell DH that :-)  )

I've managed to do a bit of art.......
 I cut up my turquoise and orange Spirit Cloth and made it into cards and journal covers.
I made an Anniversary card for DH......he bought me these flowers a couple of days beforehand so I photographed one rose on my garden seat and altered it in Photoshop. Used some of the words from a Beatles song (inspired by Kim Klassen).
I used the felted piece which I made on my embellishing machine for a journal cover.....just added some handstitching. I think it needs some decoration around the edge (but its too late because I've sent it to a friend!)
 I made another 'thing' on my embellishing machine...
 ....not sure what it is yet but Peachy LOVES it!!! I think he's adding his own bit of felting :-)

I subscribed to Laura and Linda Kemshall's DMTV and have begun altering a couple of old books - more to come next time. I love handstitching pages together....... :-)

Last week we visited our friends again in beautiful Knaresborough. They took us to Harlow Carr Gardens...I wasn't expecting too much because of the time of year, but it was fabulous.....
And to top it off they have a Betty's Tea Room where we had tea and cakes (couldn't resist a simnel cake for Easter and a rhubarb cake for DH).

Sorry this is a long post but I wanted to tell you about a couple of artists I've recently discovered. Last year I tracked down my Mum's cousin (who she hasn't seen for over 60 years)...her name is Irene Jones and she paints amazing pictures. We've exchanged letters and photos and last week she sent me these lovely prints of her work.....

She has an exhibition coming up at this gallery  and if you click on the link you'll see lots more of her paintings. I'm so proud to be related to her and we're hoping to go to Devon to visit her very soon. 

Whilst in Knaresborough we visited the Mill Gallery and I discovered the work of Kate Lycett - and I am hooked. You can see her artwork on her website here. She was trained in textile design which is very evident from the patterns which can be seen in her paintings. We treated ourselves to one of her  (huge) prints called 'Valley Gardens'...it's extra-special because she has added gold machine stitching to the washing lines and walls and has applied gold leaf to some areas. She lives in Hebden Bridge and this painting is her view down to the valley..... another place I want to visit.

Well that's about it - but I can't go without a Peachy photo (or two :-) !
He had me crying with laughing a few days ago as he tried to fit inside one of the boxes on my workdesk. A few months ago, of course, he fitted in it quite easily........

Thanks for staying to the end!