Friday, 9 October 2009

I'm Back......

Can it really be only a week ago that I was lying on this beach........

...swimming in this pool

...catching this ferry to town
...admiring this view on the way

...eating this food (a shared platter!)
...and drinking cocktails by the harbour?

It seems like just a distant dream now!!! But I feel very fortunate to have been there and I had a wonderful time. Skiathos is a very small island with lots of lovely sandy beaches and a beautiful town........and possibly the shortest airport runway in the world! (Landing is quite exciting).

One of the nicest things about coming home was finding a parcel of treasures waiting for me from my lovely friend Lynn. She and I have been doing the Suzi Blu 'Goddess and Poet' workshop and Lynn did a fabulous painting which you can see here. I was thrilled to find that she'd printed it onto fabric and made a special book for me using wool felt (gorgeous!) I absolutely love this and will keep special things inside all the little pockets.

I recommend a visit to Lynn's blog...its delightful. And occasionally her dog Cooper writes a post (you should see what he has to endure, poor thing - read his latest blog).
Oh the joy of doing swaps with friends!! Its so exciting to open a parcel and find precious things like these. Thank you Lynn....not just for all this but for the wonderful help and support you've given me recently. I have some truly FABULOUS blogging friends!
I finished this mini canvas today (5" x 5")......I don't really like yellow and don't know why I used it; but it turned out kind of ok I suppose.

Now I need to do some blog-visiting.........


Sandy said...

Hi and welcome back dear Linda.
I hope you have a great holiday.

Your wok piece is amazing. Absolutely stunning.

Mar said...

a lovely spot to relax to! but
welcome back home and to us! who missed you
the new painting is gorgeous...
and swaps are fun!

i did yellow hair one time with mixed feelings towards it one knows but you...
to everyone else they just see beautiful yellow haired woman

maggi said...

It looks idyllic. Good to have you back and what lovely surprises waiting for you. She looks good with her yellow hair.

Lynn said...

You are cracking me up about Cooper today, and he did get your email LOL. I am so happy to see you creating again and I think she looks awesome, although I think most people find it hard to do blondes, that's probably why I stick to dark hair myself :) I love all the texture on your canvas too and your girls are always so detailed.
Good to have you back of course, you know that and nice of you to say things about our swap like that :)
Have a great weekend......

purplecat said...

No I am not
It sounds ( and looks) like you had a great time :)

La Dolce Vita said...

welcome back!!! looks like you had a spectacular time! you were missed! and I love the piece you did "turned out kinda ok, I suppose?" like really OK like fab!!!
oh and the swap is wonderful!!!!

Snap said...

Welcome back. Your photos of your trip are beautiful. Isn't Mail Call wonderful. It's so much fun to see what is inside the package. I agree, I've met and made some wonderful new friends blogging. I love your little portrait. (Yellow is such a happy color!)

Heather said...

Your holiday pics look wonderful - glad you had such a good time. I love your mini canvas and it's sentiment - not always easy to do! What gorgeous goodies too, the felt goddess book cover is so lovely.

Judy S. said...

Welcome back, Linda. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I like your yellow-haired girl; how else do you make a blonde? That's a lovely gift you received, very nice.

Barbara said...

Hi Linda - What a lovely place you went to. You must feel relaxed and refreshed.

I think your new painting is wonderful. I love the texture and flowers. I think she looks great with her yellow hair - it gives the painting a vibrant and happy tone.

It would have been good coming home to that lovely gift.

Rosie said...

Welcome home! This piece is just beautiful - you are getting so clever at these lovely faces! Lynn's lovely goodies made me JEALOUS!!

Catharina Maria said...

Beautiful place where you have been and beautiful gifts and a great canvas you have made !!!
Love from Rini

Jackie said...

I have experienced the trauma of landing at Skiathos . It was my first real flight for 18 years. we sat on the plane for two hours before it took off because there were thunderstorms in spain. lots of delays and nowhere in Skiathos for stacking of planes!! I looked out of the window and the runway looked so short.
We only had a few hours in Skiathos, went to Skopelos for a week. Skiathos looks lovely.

Viola said...

Welcome back, Linda! I love your new artpiece. Looks simply gorgeous! And Lynns book is so wonderful too.

*jean* said...

ooo that place looks marvelous!! so relaxing! your newest painting is beautiful and your gifts delightful!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Where to begin on a lovely post such as this! Welcome back dear Linda, it must have been hard to leave paradise ... I must show my Jimmy his bar ;) ... gorgeous twinkly nighttime picture! The colors in these photos is strikingly beautiful!
Then to come home to art mail from our talented Lynn! You lucky thing you, absolute treasures that you so richly deserve!
Your canvas is delightful, the daisies look real? Perfect words for us all to heed and that precious girls hairdo is such fun!
You gals are so talented!

Cat said...

I'm happy you had such a fantastic time on the island! Looks like such a dream! Good thing you clarified that was a shared

Your gift from Lynn is sweet!

I like your new painting too, the yellow is terrific, I love the hair.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda Stunning pics looks so gorgeous there ,I hope you enjoyed it ,Looks like you did .
Lovely goodies in the post .
I hope all is well with you .
Thinking of you!
Love and hugs from sesga xxx

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say I love your mini canvas you are so talented xx

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Welcome back my dear friend.
I love your canvas !!

Dot said...

Hi there Linda
Am so, so pleased you had such a lovely break. Have been drooling over the photo's (of the scenery and of the food!).,
And your new painting is gorgeous. Think the yellow hair looks very striking.
Sending much love to you.
Dot xx

Shonna said...

I wanted to stop by and let you know that I just love your work and have given you a blog award. Check out my blog to pick it up!

Tara said...

Skiathos looks lovely! Glad you had a great holiday.
I love the texture of your paintings.x

LazyKay said...

Nice to see you back (albeit you WILL be missing that beautiful view AND the yummy food - I'm hungry now).

What lovely parcels you had to open when you returned, it must have softened the blow of the post holiday blues.

I love the yellow, it's not garish but is effective.


Jacky said...

Welcome back Linda...your holiday looks delightful. Love the pic. of the boat at the shore (reminded me of my visit to Portofino). Lovely to see you had a good break and some wonderful sunshine!
Your book and gifts from your Lynn are very special...what a treat to come home to.
Your lates canvas is beautiful. As a blonde too, I find I dont like yellow much either, but I am using it (and liking it) a lot more these days. Great texture too.
Take care and lovely to have you back.

Jacky xox

Holly Loves Art said...

Welcome Back Pretty Blue Eyed Girl! The pictures look divine... such heaven!

And I love-love-love your latest piece and adore the yellow! I didn't think I was ever a fan of yellow either but enjoy working with it. It is a "sunny" and cheery color after all!

Have a wonderful day.


Artyjen said...

Love your canvas...the painting is fantastic....sooooooooo jealous I love Skiathos...had one of my best holidays ever there and know what you mean about the runway...not for those with a fear of flying!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, Wow! really impressed with your blog site and the wonderful artwork you have created "believe in yourself" it is fantastic, you are obviously very talented and sounds like you have some great blog friends. Heard a lot about blogging but never really experienced it. Your photos of skiathos are amazing, makes me want to go back tomorrow. It was lovely to meet you are Brian and really looking forward to catching up with you next month, luv Suzanne xxx

Jaqi said...

Welcome back Linda,


Your holiday pictures look wonderful, looks like a scene from Mamma Mia....hehehe

Im so glad you had a nice holiday.

Lucky you , all those goodies waiting for you when you got back. I know you will put them to such good use.

Your little canvas is fab, your work is always such a delight , you are extremely talented, well done.

Jaqi xx

Terri said...

What a lovely vacation! Good for you. And isn't Lynn wonderful??? I just love her Goddess portrait and you are so fortunate to receive such a gift of love from her.
Your little 5x5 is absolutely perfect to me!
I am not much for yellow either, but you did it proud! The sentiment is one I really resonate with as well.
You do amaze me.

Catharina Maria said...

Hi Linda ,
Will you do a little inchie swap with me ??
Love Rini