Monday, 29 June 2009

The Wanderer Returns

I can't believe its over 3 weeks since I last much has happened in that time; we've had some difficult and upsetting things to deal with in the family and I haven't felt like making anything. But hopefully after this week we can start and get back to normal.
The 6" x 6"fabric collage is my piece for our dragonfly challenge at . The background is purple silk and on top I used organza, stamped and printed fabric, rusty leaves from Retro Cafe (which I coloured with Lumiere paint), torn text, gems and Angelina for the dragonfly. The stamp is from Crafty Originals.

I stretched the whole thing around piece of wood with wadding between as you can see here.....

I discovered a new material last week which I'm quite excited about! Its called Mistyfuse - I'm sure many of you have heard of it before, but it's new to me. I dyed some pieces of silk then put threads, sequins, gilding flakes etc on top...... placed the Mistyfuse over and ironed with baking parchment between to protect the iron. All the bits and pieces then become attached to the background. Here are my practice pieces. Next I will hand and machine stitch over the top to make absolutely sure everything is attached.
You'll find a much better explanation of this technique here: under 'Fabric Charms'.

This is where I've been spending the recent glorious sunny days! We have a small walled garden with lots of little sitting areas. We've just added a metal arch and have planted a clematis one side and a pink rose the other - the race is on to see which can reach the top first.
I painted the shed and deck blue......I love the colour but some of our friends think I've gone a bit mad!
This one makes me laugh...a headless DH in the shed!!!

I hope you like my 'new-look' blog. I challenged myself a few days ago to change the html and create 3 columns. It wasn't easy but after a few goes I managed it. You can find instructions on Itkupilli. Next job is a new banner.

Finally I want to thank 2 lovely ladies for recently awarding me these.......... kind.


Mar said...

i like the new look a lot
it looks clean and refreshing
i had wondered where you have been
hope everything works out for your family...
the dragonfly pieces is lovely but this new material looks quite
thanks for the heads up!

Heather said...

Your dragonfly is stunning. I have recently bought some Mistyfuse but haven't used it yet - thanks for the 'how to' bit. I love the look of your courtyard garden and the colour of your decking.

Sandy said...

Wow wo wow wow your new blog design is gorgeous.

Wonderful work Linda. Amazng designs and backgrounds. ove them all. Really inspiring work.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Linda, good to see your post. I thought you might be having family issues to sort out. Hope everything is ok. I have heard of Mistyfuse and seen it too but I resisted buying it as I have so much stuff at home I don't know when I will get round to using it.
Your experiment is looking lovely the colours are beautiful and vibrant. Love the dragonfly it is beautiful

Shashi Nayagam said...

PS the new look to your blog is lovely!

Lynn said...

I have missed you Linda, was wondering if all was well at home, and I hope things are ok with your Dad.
Yes I love the new look, I did the 3 column from Itkupulli's instructions too.
Your dragonfly collage is awesome, I am hoping I may be able to do something similar if I can. Also love your new fabric swatches, sounds like fun using that new material you found :)
Oh and one other thing, I just love your back garden, it looks so beautiful, a lovely retreat :)

Joan Lowder said...

What an interesting blog to visit. The colors on page one make me feel good and what a lovely back yard. I'd love to come for tea, iced of course.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Your garden is lovely and a bit of fresh air and sun when times get hard is always a good thing. Roses and Clematis are perfect companions aren't they!
Your dragonfly creation is glorious, you've captured the magic and beauty of these creatures perfectly!
The letters HTML make my eyes glaze over, still so much to learn. Your blog looks super Linda! You take care, very best to you and yours!

Dot said...

Lovely to see a new post from you my friend. It is good to take some time out when you need to.
Glad you have been spending time in your lovely garden.
Love your dragonfly and that mistymuse looks like a lot of fun!
And your new blog design is stunning. Lovely colors.
Big hug from me to you.
Dot xx

The Joy of Nesting said...

Welcome back to Bloglandia!!

You were missed. I think your dragonfly is just stunning!! And your redecorating is quite wondeerful, really brings in the summer especially midsummer!! :) And then there's the blue deck and shed... perfect, I don't think they could be any other color.

But I can't help but notice you must be in your Blue Period. :) Funny cuz I find myself moving in that direction also. The wonderful blue-grays of Denmark and Sweden are so peaceful and calming.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

pammyjo said...

Very pretty dragonfly. Your garden is wonderful, and I like the blue. I've been dropping by and just started to worry about where you might be. I hope things turn for the better now. :) P

Barbara said...

Hi Linda, glad you liked the award. Its nice to see your lovely summery backyard and the blue deck looks great. We are in winter so my plants have gone into survival mode. Love your dragonfly piece too. Take care. Barb

Lori Saul said...

Your Dragonfly piece is so enchanting and beautifully made - so many wonderful techniques!

Janny said...

Great things here! The look, the dragonfly and the colours and your garden hmm. Missed you;o)

Anne said...

Hi, Linda! Your dragonfly fabric collage is stunning! I just love the way the colors in the dragonfly wings change in different light. It is sooo pretty! :-)

Jackie said...

How lovely to have you back with a new blog look..very appropriate.
I hope everything has settled down now for your family.

Rosie said...

Sorry I haven't been about much - tis the summer season here in Bude and I'm working whilst there's work about!! I love looking at all the new things you've created, including a new-look blog and header: Very cool!
I really like the Mistyfuse experiments, looks like fun, but your wooden block is divine.... *sighs* xoxoxo

Jaqi said...

What a brilliant post I really enjoyed reading it. Your garden looks wonderful , you are so lucky. And that dragonfly is exquisite, my favourite colour how could it not be, you do some amazing stuff I love looking at your blog. Thanks for sharing Jaqi x

Sue McGettigan said...

Love that dragonfly piece, and your charming garden - hope things are on the upwards trend :)