Thursday, 5 February 2009

For Sesga

Sesga tagged me a few days ago to show the 4th picture in the 4th file on my computer.
Well here it is......we were in Lindos on the island of Rhodes. It hadn't rained for some time and the local goats were getting hungry for some greenery. Luckily they are good climbers because this one was up a tree! As I photographed him he gave me that what???? look.
Just in case you didn't believe goats could climb trees....

I haven't had much time for art this week. We moved dad to a nursing home nearer to us on Friday (that was a major operation; took 4 of us to get him in the car and a canvas hoist to get him out). He was very distressed as you might imagine and he is now extremely confused. Hopefully he will settle in over the next couple of weeks though. Its a lovely place; a huge country house set in massive gardens with a lake - should be lovely in spring and summer.

I've been to visit him a few times over the past few days and helped to feed him. Its his birthday today, but he isn't aware. We are all hoping to get to see him tomorrow with his presents and cake.

Today is a 'stay at home' kind of day. No traffic is moving around our area and apparently the roads haven't been gritted. My daughter caught a bus to go to work and after an hour it had moved half a mile. After an other half hour she decided to get off and walk back home. I am supposed to be working at the Beetroot Tree Gallery today but the taxi I booked couldn't get to me. We've only had about 6" of snow but thats what happens in England!

Roll on Spring - my favourite time of year!


Sue said...

Hi Linda - I have some very fond memories of Lindos and your pictures made me smile on this wet and cold day down south. Happy Birthday to your Dad and I hope you Mum is keeping well. Take care

Mar said...

i am glad your dad will be closer to you...and i did not know goats could climb trees!
I hope everyone can make it together for your family gathering
it doesn't sound as if too much is moving around there now
you couldn't imagine how things are out here (the mid west USA)in snow
it doesn't phase this crowd a bit!
they continue doing 70mph in 3 feet or more
just amazes me
i am from a more civilized area where when it snows an inch things stop
the south!
i can't wait for warmer either

take care waiting for spring

Chriss Rollins said...

great pictures thanx for sharing them with us.

happy birthday to your dad Linda...
My daughter is 40 today.

chriss x

Judy S. said...

That goat really is up in the tree, isn't he? Sounds like you've had a rough patch recently. How's your mom doing? Take care, and stay warm. Spring IS coming!

Jaqi said...

Lovely photos Linda, Happy Birthday to your Dad and I hope you have a nice day with him tomorrow. I hope he will be settled in his new home.

All of the snow has gone around here but i think there is more on the way.
Roll on spring I think ......Jaqi xx

Jaqi said...

PS Forgot to say Linda, I can receive emails but not send them at the moment hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow, Jaqi x

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hi Linda,

A little time and patience should help with your father's confusuion. Being patient with yourself is also good medicine for you!! And what wonderful stimuli he will have witht he warm months!!

Thanks for comming by last night! I finally got myself in gear and posted the link on ABAA for my black bird :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

LazyKay said...

What a brill photo! That would be excellent for card making and no, I didn't know they could climb TREES!

Sorry to hear of the upheaval with your Dad again but it seems like this home is in a good setting and hopefully, once he's settled again, he will take some comfort from the peaceful surroundings.

Yes, Great Britain grinds to a standstill because we've had a few days of snow! Had to LOL when I heard they'd run out of grit - good job we haven't had MONTHS of snow eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
What a foabarooney picture !I love it, the expression on his face Brilliant !!.I loved this tag I don't always participate in tags but this one was fab .Thanks for playing along it :) .

I hope your Dad settles in soon ,the place sounds Lovely .Having beautiful surroundings will help when it warms up and he can sit outside .

You are such a Fantastic Daughter he is so lucky to have you .Send my love to you fabulous Mum and Happy Birthday to your Dad .

thinking of you through these hard times .
Love from sesga xx

Renee said...

Linda: It is hard when our parents get older isn't it?

Where you have moved your Dad sounds like a beautiful place and the best thing is that you are going to be closer to him.

I don't know this from personal experience at all, but I read once that when seniors don't remember things anymore that we should place ourselves where they are. In other words, if he says 'I don't know a Mary and never have,' we are suppose to go with it.

Not try to force them, by saying yes, yes you do.

Anyway, I am sorry that it is a hard road.

Winnipeg is a great place and I hope you liked it when you came.

Love Renee

Shashi Nayagam said...

I hope you dad will settle in quickly and I am glad that you are nearer to him and can visit him often. I have seen goats climb trees too in India. Infact they can get up on to the weirdest of places lol!