Tuesday, 18 March 2008

New Friends

I love the way this new hobby has helped me to meet new people. I met Sesga through Dot's blog and we have exchanged gifts already! She admired my I must go down to the seas again ATC so I decided to make her a similar one. She then sent me one of her lovely lino print cards, an embroidered tag and a cute dottee doll (with a contented smile!).
Thank you Sesga...I'm making you a mermaid doll which should be with you in a few days.

Luckily I also found Cat 's blog and will soon be receiving one of her little quilts through the post. I bought one today on Etsy - it's gorgeous! Have a look at her work on the Baumcat blog; its beautiful.

Rosie's ATC exchange is another one of my favourite blogs; her work is so inspiring. We're going to do some exchanges with a mermaid theme - should be fun!
Love Linda


Cat said...

Hi Linda! It looks like you have some neat treasures! Your ATC in the last post is precious too.

Thanks for the link! You are sweet!
I mailed that to you today.

I'm glad you are enjoying the blogging world!

Chriss Rollins said...

hi linda,
you lucky girl your gifts are lovely and just love your doll.
unable to post an atc, my internet is down but i am at daughters able to get into blog but that is all.
chriss x

Anonymous said...

HI Linda I was so exited to see you happy with your gifts and it is so lovely to have made friends with you i'snt blogging brilliant,I am hooked on the blogging world ,it has opend up a whole new world for us all. keep up the good work love from sesga xx

Anonymous said...

Blogland is wonderful for making new friends Linda and I'm so glad for you that you are enjoying yourself... AND swapping some delightful goodies too :D

Dot said...

Love your gifts from Sesga! She is a lovely lady and very talented too.

Dot said...

P.S Blogging has really opened my world in art and friendships. And I am sure it will do that for you too.

gaynor said...

hiya linda,
im so glad your blog is going so well, i really enjoy looking at it.
love Gaynor