Saturday, 29 March 2008

Angelina Fibres

Here are some images I stamped onto Angelina fibres. I kept the iron on too long on the first one - but I quite like it!

This is what the fibres look like; they are loose and individual when you buy them. They cost around £2.00 a pack and come in lots of colours.
You have to experiment with stamps; some don't work quite so well.

Pile some fibres on to a stamp.

Place a piece of baking parchment on top and press with an iron.
Thats about it!
You can of course, just lay fibres in between baking parchment and iron on top.You then get a flat piece of glistening fabric.

I buy fibres from a local art centre, but you can get them from

A few people have asked about this technique, so I hope I've explained it properly.

Have a lovely weekend!

Linda xx


Judy S. said...

That's a really interesting technique, Linda. This is what you use for your pretty ATCs? Thanks for sharing.

Chriss Rollins said...

very good of you to share your technique with us.
YOUR 1st Poetry ATC for our February club challenge has been posted Linda.. dont be shy take a look it's gorgeous.
thanx Chriss x

Laurie & Chris said...

I have never seen how this is done before. Thank you for sharing.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Thanks for sharing this technique. I have used angelina in various ways but not this. You have inspired me

Rosie said...

Thanks Linda - can't wait to have a go with these fibres!!

Jaqi said...

Thank you for sharing how to achieve this look, you make it sound so easy. Its very effective and could imagine very popular once you get the hang of it. I suppose the secret is to experiment. Thanks again, Jaqi

Jacky said...

Love the effect of the angelina fibres and stamping...can see I am going to have to buy some angelina fibres now and have a go!!!
Thanks for the inspiration.

Leonie said...

Hi Linda,

I love your work with the fibres, arn't they ace. I've got some on my show tomorrow, so I've been having a play this week as well. Have you tried the sheets as well? They're nice. I did the stamp technique with them and left the iron on to long (we mustn't be cut out for this ironing malarky!), ended up with holes that looked pretty good!! Happy accidents.

Anyway, lovely to have a peep at your work, great stuff.

LaY hOoN said...

This is interesting & fun. Thanks for sharing it with us.