Allotment Life

In 2017 we decided to take on an allotment.
Considering the fact that my husband is 73 (and I'm not far off 70) I guess you could say we left it a bit late. But what we lack in youth we make up for in enthusiasm.
Well this is how it looked in June '17.....250 sq metres of weeds. Many were chest high.

After four weeks of hard work we managed to get to this stage....
....and we grew spinach, peas, beans, lettuces, carrots, turnips, parsnips and swede....despite being late starters :-)
We discovered apple trees and many different fruit bushes that we hadn't realised were there.

Fast forward to June 2018....
We then had 11 raised beds, an orchard and three arches with sweet peas plus a greenhouse and a renovated shed. 
We also had company as my dear friend Zoe and her family took over the lower half of our plot.

We love having picnics and flasks of tea here......and the occasional glass of wine. 
We have made new friends who have taught us lots about growing veg, constructing raised beds and cloches and combating bugs we've found a new form of exercise. 

Update June 2021
We still have the allotment!
This year we have built a fruit cage for our blueberries, blackberries and redcurrants.
We are growing potatoes, pak choy, carrots, spinach, strawberries, leeks, kidney beans and beetroot.
Zoe is still with us on the plot, which I'm very happy about. 


Judy S. said…
Good work! Sounds like it keeps you busy, too.
Heather said…
Lovely to hear from you again, and what a transformation you have made to that wildflower meadow! I hope you feel as well as you look and are enjoying the fruits, and vegs, of your labours.
Linda Vincent said…
Thank you Heather; I hope you're ok. I'm not too bad (up and down) ...the allotment definitely keeps us busy! :-)
gz said…
Mere youngsters in the allotmenteering world..I remember the GQT visiting an allotment garden and one of the plot holders bemoaning the state of his onion crop..but saying that he knew just what he would do for success the next year...and he was a sprightly 98 !!
You have a good plot there...I wish that I still had my two.

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