Thursday, 7 January 2016

Nutty Cookies

I posted a photo on Instagram today and promised a recipe to go with it.
As you probably already know, I do my best to eat healthily  and most of my inspiration comes from Joy McCarthy and Ella Woodward ........I'm a big fan of their books 'Deliciously Ella' and 'Joyous Health'.
I'm also currently working through 'The Immune System Recovery Plan' by Susan Blum (and taking copious notes). 

The recipe for the cookies comes from Joy McCarthy's website here 
I have changed it a little and I use a variety of nut/seed butters, including almond, peanut, cashew and tahini. I also sometimes add chopped nuts. 
I love the fact that there's no wheat and no refined sugar (only maple syrup).
Here's another of my Instagram photos.....

The Anthropologie mug is my current favourite (a present from my sister :-) 
The magazine is another favourite....I look forward to the beginning of the month when I know its going to drop through my letterbox.

It's title 'The Simple Things' goes nicely with my word for this year which is..... 


I'm trying to cut back on ideas....
The last one may seem odd....but I have too many bright ideas ;-)  (Thank you Pinterest :-p)
I take on too many classes and workshops.......I spend too much on art materials......I start too many projects. Enough is enough.
I have cleared my workbench and I'm sticking with calligraphy, drawing and photography.
No mixed felting....
We'll see how it goes.
Already my mind feels clearer.
I'm keeping it simple.........

How about you? Do you have a word for this year?