Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Belated St Ives Part 2

The past two months haven't been amazing health-wise. I keep losing my balance and I become disorientated  and sometimes dizzy. I bump into things and seem to do a lot of curtseying to compensate for my wobbling.....when we go out I tend to hang onto my husband so people won't think I'm drunk :-(
I have an appointment at a Balance Clinic at Derby Hospital in three weeks; hopefully they will be able to tell me what's causing it (and whether its connected to my other health problems).

I promised more photos of St Ives so here they are. I don't want this to be a wordy post so I'll just add a few for each one:
I always say that St Ives is beautiful no matter what the weather.....we spent a happy hour in Caffe Pasta watching the rain one day. I love the way it gives the buildings a soft, muted appearance.
St Ives harbour beach....Caffe Pasta in the centre of the photo....
 There were some special high tides whilst we were there, such fun to watch and dodge. 
Porthminster Gallery is on the left.......probably my favourite. 
They usually have some work by Matthew Lanyon there.
 Houses on the beach. Wonder how they cope with the high tides!
The famous Sloop Inn. Had a few drinks here....
The view from our little balcony.
 The Seafood Cafe....great fish soup!
 The Digey Cafe......another favourite coffee shop just around the corner from the house where we stayed (you can see pics of the house in my previous post).
Surfers on Porthmeor Beach.
Porthgwidden Beach. Gorgeous early in the morning. There's a coffee shop at the back with a deck.

And finally.......a few little glimpses. 
Brian's whitebait starter at The Seafood and cake at Caffe Pasta.....a scarf I bought in Seasalt....the famous shabby door a few yards from the house where we collection of St Ives treasures.....daffodils and an honestly box by the harbour.....gorgeous soup for lunch at The Digey Cafe.....and the all important warning about the gulls! They are so naughty....

As I'm unable to sit and sew at the moment I've been doing some digital scrapbooking and moodboard stuff . I post most of my work on Instagram these days.....

 I recently read this book (above), recommended to me by Sarah at Paisley Rain Boots
Its wonderful.......if you get a chance - read it.

(Most of my digital supplies are by Anna Aspnes and Katie Pertiet)