Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quitting the Quilting.....

In my last blog post I said I'd show you how I was getting on with my little strip quilt....well it has transformed into a fabric weaving! :-) I think I'll leave the quilting to Maggi and all you other brilliant people out there and admit defeat. 
I am not a quilter.                                              
On the other hand I do love tearing strips of fabric and stitching onto them. The one below is a work in progress....I was intrigued to find the colours perfectly matched the dried honesty that Maggi gave to me. 

(Not Photoshopped...honesty!)
Most of those lovely fabrics were sent to me as second prize in a give-away from Plum Quilts. You can see the gorgeous piece she made with them here.
I've got lots left and have started another weaving (with the strips unpicked from my failed quilting attempt ;-)
That's 4 I have on the go now.......

Just over a week ago Maggi and I visited Staunton Harold Craft Centre in Leicestershire. We wanted to see the work of Michelle Homes (who had her work displayed in a recent exhibition at The Beetroot Tree). She shares a workshop and gallery with another artist, Carol Saunderson...its called the Archangel Studio. Michelle's work was on the front cover of Embroidery Magazine last month - you can see it here.
We spent a lovely half hour in the gallery chatting to the talented ladies and I bought one of Michelle's little machine-stitched ladies. As you can see, Carol's whippet likes to keep warm in the workshop!
After that it was lunch in the craft centre.......
....everywhere looked so beautiful it was hard to believe it was the last week of October!

I spent most of yesterday crocheting....I want to make a blanket but first I thought I'd experiment with different yarns and patterns....
...some are wool, some are cotton but still haven't quite decided yet. I'm going to Yarn in Beeston tomorrow with Mum, to get some advice and buy more supplies! I really like the African flower hexagons (pattern here ) but I think I'll probably go to go for the square top right (pattern here ).

And finally..... a Peachy pic (of course).
 I do yoga most days and I think the Boy has been watching. His spinal twist is amazing!!
(This is his favourite hiding spot on the landing)

And definitely finally..... have you discovered Pinterest yet? Sharon and I have - its amazing!!!!!
http://pinterest.com/     (My boards are here)
 I can lose whole days there!!!