Friday, 22 July 2011

Torn Strips....

My poor scissors are feeling redundant and unwanted.....I realised today that I've been tearing paper and fabric for most of my recent projects. I love my collection of torn strips (the edges from the handmade papers I tear for my altered books). I fancied playing with them today so I did some paper weaving for a change....

Added some machine and hand stitching, sequins, pressed flowers, beads etc. These are my happy colours  :-)

Last week I went on a mini-holiday to stay with my friend Rosie (the Journalling Queen).
We had a lovely time together........visited Lytham St Annes, played in her art room, ate gorgeous food cooked by her talented DH..... and if that wasn't enough we had a visit from Jackie (Dog Daisy Chains) who lives not too far away. We've never met before so it was a real treat...especially as she brought a boxful of her gorgeous artwork to show us (my request :-) We had a wonderful afternoon!

I'm besotted with my coneflowers (echinacea, rudbekia) at the moment and couldn't resist taking these photos .......I love seeing their progress from bud to full flower.

Also loving the eryngiums......the blue is so surprising, especially on the stems!

Maggi brought me some of her honesty seeds last time she visited and I spent a happy hour making patterns with them (at one time I would have done something like this with a class of children.....but sadly I was on my own this time ;-)

And finally......a few people have messaged me regarding my art wall after seeing a partial view (with Peachy)  in my 'Memories' post below. I've been asked to show a full photo........ here it is. Not a deliberately 'arty' display; just something that has grown over the past couple of years. The ATCs are attached (with blu-tac) to two wooden rails, screwed to the wall and painted turquoise. If you click on it you might even see your work there!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Back From Skiathos

Just got back a couple of days ago from our annual trip to Skiathos - one of our favourite Greek islands. Why do we love it so much? Well it's quite small, we can fly from East Midlands airport (a 10 min drive), the beaches are wonderful, the town is very pretty and full of great bars and restaurants, its not too crowded and there are no night clubs or discos (that we are aware of!)
Here are a few of our holiday memories.....

We spotted a wedding party in the town one day and Brian took this lovely shot of the bride.
Iced coffee in the beach bar was a favourite before starting sunbathing!
Some of the huge variety of plant life including flowers from the sea, a heart shrub and cactus trees.

A swallows nest in the beach bar was a big attraction. They looked like puppets cute!!  (Click for a closer view)

Peachy was so glad to see us when we got back; nine days of being kept in a cage at the cattery must have been hard for him to bear! After giving us loads of fuss he spent half an hour tearing up and down the stairs through the lounge and conservatory, round the garden then back in and up the stairs again (he was just a blur) - then he finally collapsed and had a nap.

Nine days without him - how did I bear it..... :-)