Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Let it snow......

Well I hope everyone is coping ok with the snow...wherever you are in the world (ok; so not my friends in Australia!) I thought we were having a snowy time in England until I saw Patty's photos here - all I can say is WOW!!!! Too deep to even make snow angels!
Talking of which....my current favourite album is Tori Amos's 'Midwinter graces' - have a listen to 'Snow Angel', then search for 'Pink and Glitter', 'A Silent Night With You' and 'What Child, Nowell'......just wonderful. What a voice she has......

There are so many art projects I want to get started on - but for the past couple of weeks I've only managed to make felt flowers .......
.....but after Christmas I will be doing DJ Pettitt's digital art/Photoshop workshop and I CAN'T WAIT!! Click on the picture if you want to take a look.
And I have also subscribed to Suzi Blu's Angel Workshop...so excited about that as well. Again, you can click on the picture to find out more.
Hopefully I can get back to regular posts in January. Mum is getting stronger and will soon be able to manage on her own (thanks for all your good wishes BTW).
So till then.........

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

to all my wonderful blogging friends.
I wish you love, peace and joy..........

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Busy, Busy...........

Life has been rather hectic just recently....mum was in hospital for a while having a (second) hip replacement. She was lucky enough to get a place as an NHS patient in a private hospital but it was quite a long way for us to travel. Now she's home she needs a lot of support and she's missing having dad around to help her. But we are managing ok and I was very grateful that my sister came up to help over the weekend.
I recently did an inchie swap with Rini and can you believe it took my parcel 4 weeks to reach her in Holland! (First class post?!) We got so fed up that I sent her another parcel last week - then, of course, the original one arrived.
Anyway......these are the felted, embroidered inchies that I sent to her.
I've been making Christmas cards in between visiting mum. Used Angelina fibres, Christmas stamps, beads and needle-felted fabric.
Lat night I had fun at the Beetroot Tree Gallery making Christmas tags with my class.
A couple of weeks ago I bought some plain wooden decorations at the German Christmas market in Nottingham.......then painted and embellished them.
And I couldn't resist buying this nougat at my local delicatessen shop (despite the price...eeeek!) I'm thinking of using it as inspiration for a future piece of embroidery! It tasted so good I went back and bought another piece for my mum.
I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas preparations......have fun!!!