Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Soul Journal Permission Slip

I made this page in response to Kathryn's prompts which you can see here. She described how to create the the background, make an envelope, then write a permission slip for ourselves.
It's amazing how it works - I've been playing all morning and eaten half a bar of Galaxy hazelnut choc!!

I was supposed to have visited Rosie for a few days, but unfortunately had to cancel. I have a ghastly cold and no-one wants to come near me. You've had a lucky escape Rosie!


Mary S Hunt said...

SOOO pretty!
I love seeing all the variations of the same theme

Jaqi said...

Oh Wow Linda this is fab, I dont know if you remember but you used to be able to buy a bar of chocolate called Country Style, It was a beautiful chocolate with bits of biscuit in it, and it was in a pink gingham wrapper. ( This is turning out to be long winded) well this piece reminds me of that chocolate ! Whew....you must think im mad !!!!!Anyhow, what i should have just said was well done , its great, Another inspiring piece of art, Jaqi x

Chris said...

Brilliant Linda... I especially like the permission to eat chocolate piece of journalling..lol Especially as it is one of my own favourite pastimes too. How fab to do it guilt free :)
Love the art work...it's awesome.
Hope your cold is better soon hun xx

Rosie & Linda said...

Wonderful - it looks beautiful and what an incredibly empowering thing to do! Maybe we all need to take that on board and give ourselves permission as well!! Can I eat chocolate and drink champagne now? No, I'll save the champagne for us Linda when you feel better enough to come!

Bev said...

Hi Linda!
I'm a blue-eyed girl from Canada who's been following your blog were in the Soul Journal class with Sarah! I do love your pages...the depth of layers in your backgrounds is so rich and lovely! Inspiring to me!

KernowWitch said...

A stunning inspirational piece of work Linda....I'm with Chris (must be in the name)permission to eat chocolate is fine by me...hehe...Hugs Chrissy x

Dot said...

Hi sweetie

This is so stunning! I am loving seeing how your art is developing. Very sorry to hear you weren't able to make it to Rosies. But I am sure you will get there another time soon.

I am thinking of you.

Much love

Dot xx

LazyKay said...

Brill, luvin' your stuff and am eager to visit and see what's coming next.

Sorry to hear you've got a stinker of a cold - I give you permission to GET WELL QUICKLY! Enjoy your chocolate.


KathrynAntyr said...

Lovely! Your loveliness is shining through in your work. Wonderful permission statements. Galaxy hazelnut choc bar...mmmmm sounds so good. I'll have to track me down one of those to fuel my creative time. I'm so happy to share this journey with you!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this page. The pink and green are so cheery, I particularly love the pink polka dots inside the envelope. The whole spread just made me smile!

LaY hOoN said...

When I first looking at, it's so much pretty. LOve the colour combi ! What an brilliant idea to use needle :)