Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Soul Journal - back to pages 5 and 6

These are the before and after pictures of my taped pages. I rubbed the the tape with sandpaper but unfortunately you can't see the metallic tape very well (it looks lovely and scratchy/shiny). Sarah told us to go back to these pages and work on them, also she suggested we write about our experiences of soul journalling so far. I decided to combine the two.
I will be writing more on my recently collaged papers (about what I've liked/not liked doing etc) but for now I've written my first I've loved meeting all the other soul-journallers and sharing thoughts and learning from much I've enjoyed discovering new techniques from Sarah that I'll use in my future artwork......and I'm learning that its ok to make mistakes and just 'have a go' (and not be so self-critical...a huge problem with me).
I finally added a few pictures, some gems, silver pen, stamps, doodling and Glossy Accents.
I'm fairly happy with it.
Phew! I'm off for a cup of tea after all that!!
Love Linda xx
PS Hope this picture shows the shininess better!


PaperCutting Kind of Day said...

That is the one thing I so enjoy about "playing" with art supplies is the things you come up with, some you like a whole lot, some not so much but it is still a journey!

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow Linda ! This taped page turned out so well. Mine is in a state I really dislike right now but you have given me hope that it can be transformed !I didn't have that lovely metallic tape though ;-( !

Thanks for your visit and I look forward to connecting again along the Soul Journal Journey !

Mary S Hunt said...

your pages are turning out fantastically lovely!!!
i am still playing catch up...
thank you for visiting me
I am glad you stopped by..

Anonymous said...

Linda this page is stunningly beautiful I adore it you should be so proud of yourself this journal is a work of art .
I love your handwriting its so beautiful ,it flows so beautifully .
Love from sesga xx

Cookie Sunshine said...

Hey Linda. I like this! I didn't see the shine until I read your post, then it popped out in front of my eyes. These colors and the design are nice.

I hope you are doing well. I think of you often.


Jaqi said...

Wow, Linda, You seem like you are having so much fun doing this journal, its fantastic, Jaqi x

KathrynAntyr said...

Your work is gorgeous. I absolutely love all of the elements - the colors, lines, type, all of it. I just posted my latest pages. They are the collage potpourri #3. I added some of my own elements to the list. :)

Sanja said...

gorgeous pages,Linda!!:0))

Rosie said...

You have made an amazing journey with this project, and I really REALLY hope you are going to teach me some of these techniques!!

Anne said...

I love how your taped pages turned out! Awesome! :-)

mistie said...

oh, oh, oh I love your journal pages. So many layers and so lovely - I want to touch them!

LazyKay said...

Thanks for sharing your journal pages with us - I'm lovin' watching it and you, grow.

Great techniques and brill writings.


Christy said...

fairly happy?! these are lovely just like the 3/4 pages. I think I am going to have to play a bit with green and aqua and black. I am just completely in love with what you have created here. Oh and the butterflies. Yum!

catharinas-love said...

This are great colors for your background , i love it very much !
Rini - the Netherlands