Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Soul Journal pages 9 and 10

I'll try my best to explain what all this is about, but for more detailed information see http://www.sarahwhitmire.blogspot.com/
First we covered the pages with torn print and dry gesso.
Then.......(this is from Sarah's blog):

-Fill the page with descriptive adjectives (Use a permanent ink pen)

-Cut out a silhouette of a person and ink or paint over it (Use the Magazine Stencil technique)

-Add a wash of paint (use a color you haven't used yet)

-Write your grocery list or any other list somewhere (use your non-dominate hand)

-Add tape

-Use pencil somewhere

-Make some quick lines, fast and without thinking

-Drip and splatter at least two different colors of paint

-Dry-brush on some paint (use a color you haven't used yet)

I think I've done all these - some things get obliterated though! (Don't think that matters).

I'm really pleased with the way it looks (ooh, steady on Linda) and I'm very interested to know what we are going to do next on these pages!

I'm off to make ATCs now.

There's an amazing idea on Sarah's blog I want to try.


Carol said...

Lush!!!! love it soooo lovely. I am hoping to post mine later! you should be proud!

Jaqi said...

Oh Linda, I love these colours
Ive read Sarahs blog and this effect is very nice. You have done a good job, goodness knows what i will come up with when i have a go, hehehe, its a good effect to adapt for alsorts of projects really. Well done its coming along great , Jaqi x

sharon said...

This looks like so much fun! You've got a mention over on my blog.

Judy S. said...

Interesting, Linda. I never know what you're going to come up with next, so it's always fun to visit your blog. I was trying very hard to read your grocery list, but all I can say is that you sure write well with your non-dominant hand! Your journal is going to be a real treasure.

Virginia said...

Looks sooo good..Wondering whats next..

Christy said...

ooh I am quite in love with these pages. They are so fantastic.

LazyKay said...

Love the ethereal look of these figures - the one on the right looks sorta sad to me not sure why tho'.

I'm luvin' seeing these pages grow. TFS.