Monday, 21 April 2008

More Frida ATCs

I think Frida's art has kept me going through a difficult weekend. Isn't it wonderful that making things takes your mind off your problems.
I have used three of her famous quotes - there are loads more! On the one above I tried to replicate my icicle doll.

Bit radical this one - a landscape ATC (is that allowed?)
Thought I'd keep it simple for this one - I just love the photo.
The full quote for this is..... I never paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality. The quote becomes even more interesting if you look at some of her more bizarre paintings.

Well the DVD finally arrived this morning, so I'll tell you more when I've watched it.

Off now to take mum to the hospital to see dad.


Linda x


Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Linda,
Your Frida ATC's are wonderful and a lovely tribute to her. I am sure she is looking at you from somewhere up there and smiling at you.
Yes what a facinating person she was inspite of all that life threw at her she produced awesome paintings.

Rosie said...

Linda these are FABULOUS (i'm only saying that so you'll let me have the top one ..... please please)no they really are. I can tell how inspired you are by Frida, and glad that she got you through some difficult days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda hope you are okay !I was starting to wonder .Hope your Dad is going to be okay .I'm sorry to hear he is in hospital .

Love your ATC as always love the quotes to .Art is a good way to escape our trouble's. Thinking of you love from sesga xx

Jaqi said...

Wow Linda, These are fab, you have been so busy. Im glad you have had a little something to help take your mind off things. I hope all is well at the hospital when you go and I hope your mum is ok too.
Take Care , Jaqi x

Shashi Nayagam said...

I am sorry to hear that your dad is in hospital. I hope he will be well soon and it is nothing too serious.

Mandy C said...

sorry to hear you are having a hard time at the mo.

your atcs are fab... so glad you can find escape in art. wish i could sometimes! :-)

Gaby Bee. said...

I'm a Frida lover, too!
Your cards are just gorgeous. I especially love the first one. Stunning!