Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Frida Shrine

Just a little Frida shrine I made last night.

I started with one of the lovely Invoke Funky House images stamped onto a background I'd previously created using Adirondack Colour Wash Sprays.

I love Tina's idea of clear embossing over the top of your work - it really accentuates the colours.

Here are 3 similar backgrounds I made at the same time. I just used 2 colours; Lettuce and Stream. Hope to buy some more soon though! Thanks for the inspiration Karen.
Happy crafting!
Linda xx


Jaqi said...

Oh Wow, you are so clever, and my little Frida came this morning and I love her. Did you watch the film yet? I cant wait for mine to have me hooked on Frida now. You have done such an amazing job with these designs, you should be very proud. Well done, Jaqi x

Shashi Nayagam said...

So very beautiful!! I like the green washes they remind me of spring.

Rosie said...

I REALLY like this - you just get better and better at this with everything you make! Now I understand the finish on the ATC you sent me, and I've GOT to get some of those colour wash thingys.

sakazoke said...

Just gorgeous Linda. I love the funky houses and need to start using mine. The whole thing is stunning with a wow factor. Anytime you want to swap again please let me know. Im loving the 2 atcs you sent to me. They are treasures i cherish.

Kaz Scrapz said...

This is really stunning Linda - gorgeous and unique. Those colour washes are gorgeous - love the effects you have achieved with the two colours (and I bet your hands are glorious shades of green now as well LOL!) xx Karen

Chriss Rollins said...

Linda you are the TOPS everything you do is fantastic... i returned home yo 2 of your stunning ATC's the Frida and the bird house ...the BH is gorgeous...but the Frida is amazing... you are soooo clever and artistic...somthing in the post for you.
love chriss x

Mandy C said...

wow this is scrummy linda!

Dot said...

What a delicous post Linda! I love your use of color. The green washes sound like fun.

I have the alcohol inks but not the wash sprays. Me thinks I might need to invest in some!

Judy S. said...

Hi Linda,

I'm anxious to hear how you liked the film. The art museum in Tacoma had a great Frida exhibit last spring. Her work is so distinctive...such an interesting person

Jacky said...

The Frida Shrine is how you have continued with the Frida theme, she has really ispired you.

The colour washes look great, will have a play with them.